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I, m new here, plz I need an explanation on d result of a scan I carried out

Me and my husband av been trying hard for baby for the past four months. So I went for ultrasound in December 16, 2017 and this is d result of d test. "L.M.P 2/12/2017. Normal sized uterus with uniform myometrical echotexture and intact endometrial plate, PO collection is seen but o probe tenderness or mass lesion noted. Features suggest PID by P.T advised". Looking forward for ur help

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Can I ask who is it that ordered the test? Was it gp or hospital? As it's their responsibility to act on tests. The sonigrapher suggested PID which is pelvic inflammatory disease normally cause by infection, so you need to see whoever ordered the scan to discuss your treatment (further tests like an stop screen and possibly antibiotics). I would get this treated before getting trying to get pregnant, it may also affect chances of getting pregnant.

On a different note 4 months is not a long time to be trying so don't loose heart!

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