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Pregnancy gum problems

I'm 30 weeks pregnant and have very inflamed red gums, they've began to pull away from a few of my bottom teeth. Went to the dentist today and they said it will clear up after having my baby, has anyone ever experienced this? Been reading up on gum disease and gum pockets and they seem irreversible, so confused why they'd go back to normal after giving birth.

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Actually pregnancy messes with a lot of things... my guns used to bleed when brushed during pregnancy which is very common due to increased blood flow in general.

Pregnancy will prevent your losing hair but once baby is our hair comes out in clumps (it will grow back!) it can also give you unslightly skin pigmentation in the face which gets better after birth etc ... don't worry it's all worth it in the end and most things return back to normal

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Gum issues are very common during pregnancy. Our immune system is suppressed to accommodate little one and we are therefore prone to inflammation and infections.

I think the dentist means that since your gums suffer due to pregnancy, it will be the delivery that will be the answer.


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