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6 weeks pregnant Constantly hungry

Help please ,

What should I eat so I can rest few minutes. I am eating like anything with in 10 mins I am starving . I eat quite filling foods but still I get hungry very soon. It’s only from yesterday and I am bored thinking what to eat . I just had bowl of beans and started to feel hungry already .. Any food suggestions please so I can rest few minutes.


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I had this and it drove me mad lol. I added a few more snacks in the day and then in the evening before bed I also had cereal because it made me feel better that it wasn’t to bad food and extra calcium can’t hurt. I also started buying milk shakes to take to work to try and fill me up before dinner


Awww ok I should try cereal . Yes it’s making crazy . Thanks for that

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Try oats qnd nuts. Eggs and complex proteins. Complex carbs like spelt, oats, brown bread. No white rice or white pasta or white bread. As raw veggies as you can as they take longer to digest compared to cooked veg.

Avoid crisps, fizzy drinks, sugary quick energy snacks that disappear as quick as they appear in your blood stream.

Lots of fruit and water


ok thanks for that


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