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Low iron- third trimester

Hi all, just after some experiences with low iron in third trimester. My hb was 94 and ferritin just 5 at the end of my second trimester. The dr wanted me to have an infusion but I declined and started taking Spatone sachets 2/3 times a day.

3 weeks later I had a repeat blood test and my hb has risen to 104 but ferritin remains at 5. Dr was still not impressed but I thought well now I'm nearly considered back to normal range with my hb levels and ferritin stores will take time. If I continue with spatone I should be ok.

Normal iron tabs give me horrible side effects so I've been trying to avoid them but now at 36 weeks I'm worrying about delivery and if my ferritin levels will still affect me even if hb is higher.

Has anyone else been low in iron stores at birth? Any advice welcome!

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I have not had low iron at birth but I really urge you to take the iron tablets and any other help offered. I had two nasty haemorrhages, one at birth and then one two weeks after at home. Both were over 2 litres and my high iron/ferritin levels stopped me from having a blood transfusion both times and prevented me from being seriously ill. I was on iron tablets for six months after so I know how awful they are but I really think it’s worth taking them now. I don’t want to scaremonger, it was rare what happened to me but a degree of blood loss during labour is normal and you want to be fighting fit when baby comes x


I became aanemic 3rd trimester. Normal Hb is 120-160. Mine was 152 before pregnancy and was 109. I was on prescription iron for 8 weeks and Hb increasked to 130. Immediately after giving birth it was 103 so I'm anaemic again!

I would accept the iron infusion if I were you. You will lose blood during delivery.


hi, my 28 week bloods were normal, not checked again till I was induced, then my hb was 90 (I was symptomatic but put it down to being very pregnant!) i ended up with an emergency c section due to maternal sepsis and lost 700ml in theatre, the sepsis also lowered my hb and at its lowest was 69! I had 2 blood transfusion in hospital and came home on iron for 4 weeks (i changed to spatone due to side effects) i felt ROUGH!!! It's the last thing you need with a new born (i know i was septic too, amongst other complications but i had zero energy) bear in mind you will likely loose blood during the birth too. Hopefully not as much as me! Best of luck. Xxx


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