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Obstetric cholestatis! Scared to take the urso!!

Hi everyone :) I'm new around here so not sure how these things go! So bear with me!

I'm 33 weeks tomorrow and have been diagnosed with obstetric cholestatis!, I've had the itching since aroubd 31 weeks but only yesterday they prescribed me the urso! I'm on 250mg twice a day, and after reading the horrible side effects it's scared me stiff into not wanting to take em! I know it's for my own good but I just can't shake the thought of the side effects as some of them are just plain awful to read about πŸ˜” my consultant says that is the lowest dose! My baby will be coming at 38+3

Has anyone else been prescribed this dosage and managed to escape the side effects? Also to add I'm emetophobic! :/

Many thanks!


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Hello MrsDravenx,

I'm not by any means an expert and have not been in your situation myself but have Googled this a bit as I didn't want to read and run. Firstly, I would suggest posting on Mumsnet as they seem to have a much wider user base and you may well get more people who have been in your boat.

UDCA (ursodeoxycholic acid) does reduce bile acids and itching and is considered safe in pregnancy as there have been no studies to link it to poor fetal outcomes. Some studies have suggested that it may reduce the risk of stillborth and preterm labour, I believe. However, there have not been enough studies on it to say that it definitely is safe. As it crosses the placenta, it may have an impact upon the baby, such as attention problems or a reduction in intelligence, that would be impossible to identify without larger studies. It may not, of course, but the whole effect is unknown. This is why the drug is only offered on an informed consent basis. It sounds from your post like you do not feel informed enough to consent to this! If I were you, I would personally return to my doctor and ensure that my questions are answered sufficiently. I did find an old thread that may help:


These other two are just where I got my info from:



Good luck with everything!

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Hi I was given this medication had no side effects. I was only diagnosed in week 35 but had been itching a couple of weeks before. My little boy was born wk 37 +3 after I was induced and he was fine. I know how awful I felt with the itching and the medication did help.

Good Luck xx

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Thank you for your replies :) that's very reassuring to hear!


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