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6 days late, am I pregnant?

Hi, I was suppose to get my period 6 almost 7 days ago and it still hasn’t came. No cramps. I took two tests, both negative but I’ve never been this late on my period. Dizzy spells here and there and fatigue some white discharge and my nipples are slightly itchy. (I know tmi) Too early to test?

Update* took a third test, still negative. This is my second month off of birth control and I’m trying to conceive. My boyfriend and I have had sex and came in me every day this month up until I started to miss my period. My first period fell normal at 28 days but now I’m late this month. Are my hormones messed up or and I possibly pregnant ?

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Try again in three days. Could be two early, could just be that this period is irregular for whatever reason.

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