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Raw Unpasteurised Apple Cider Vinegar

I have sever heartburn since finding out I was pregnant. I read that raw apple cider vinegar containing the mother could help relieve symptoms. I have done this twice (2 tablespoons diluted with water). I have since read that any unpasteurised products are not allowed and am now worrying. Does anyone else use raw apple cider vinegar?

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Hi, I have not used that product but I do know that it is recommended not to have any unpasteurized products. You have only taken such a very small amount so try not to worry. Speak to your midwife she may be able to advise about what to use as an alternative x


Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I really don't know what that is but vinegars are acid and if you want to fight heartburn then acid food is not the way to go... ask in the pharmacist what you can have that is secure to take during pregnancy. I had gaviscon but I asked in the pharmacy because some of these products are not advisable for pregnant ladies... Don't believe everything you read in sites not credited... in case of doubt it's always better to ask your gp or midwife or pharmacist they studied to know what's better and safe for both of you..


My midwife recommended apple cider vinegar tablets


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