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I just got a test and it’s positive


I just got a test this morning and it is positive 👏🏻👏🏻

I am so happy!

But, wat should I do first? Go to my GP or midwife?

I had a miscarriage a few months ago and I went first to my GP but I don’t think that went so well! For me it was very slowly process and I am really not sure what to do!

Can someone help me? Or just tell me what is the best process?

Thank you


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Congratulations! 🎉

Tbh there's nothing you can do other than wait once you've told your GP or midwives unit. I'd ring your GP and ask whether you can contact the midwives direct to get your booking in appointment or whether the GP practice have to do it, it's usually direct now I think.

Make sure you take a pregnacare tablet every day or similar as it has folic acid in it and just try to relax, after a misscarriage it must be difficult but remember you're not more likely to have another one just because you've already had one, this time should be absolutely fine.

Good luck and try not to worry xxx


Thank you ❤️



You should contact your GP. The midwife will contact you to do a booking appointment but this is not until around 8 weeks. I am 8 weeks pregnant and I dont have my booking appointment until 02/01/2018. Good luck


Thank you ❤️


I agree, you can phone your mifewife's unit to book your first appointment directly but that's around 8 weeks. Congratulations x


Congratulations on a positive test. I think you need to call the midewife unitto book your appointment. I believe most if not all GPS no longer take the test again and book you in with the midwifes now. Good luck x


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