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I'm 18 weeks and over the last few days I've struggled with a splitting headache.

I did have a cold for a few days so thought it was down to that; but I can't seem to shift it no matter what I try. I'm keeping hydrated and I've taken paracetamol. Does anyone know if this is normal? (I did suffer from migraines occasionally prior to conceiving) And does anyone have any remedies to help?

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They do say if you suffered with migraines before then you're more prone to get them during pregnancy.

I never really suffered with migraines but at 1 stage in my pregnancy (I'm now 25 weeks). I went to the doctors and she said it's tension headaches and asked if I was stressed about anything (We've lost 2 babies before this pregnancy so I was quite stressed). They did eventually go. I was told to try and eat healthy, exercise regularly (which I did anyway) and take paracetamol.

Maybe you're stressed over something or it could still be from your cold. If it doesn't go away, I'd book in with your gp. Sorry I can't be much more help! X


i really feel for you. I started with horrible head aches at 17 weeks, now 20 weeks and they seem to have eased loads. Fingers crossed its just a short term problem and you'll be feeling better in no time x



Have you recently had your blood pressure checked?. May be worth getting it checked. I was getting really bad headaches so mentioned it to my consultant when I almost collapsed . It turns out it was my blood pressure I’m now on medication and had to cut out cheese and drink less caffeine x


Yes I had it done last week and it was normal


Not sure then if blood pressure is normal . But hope you feel better with it soon xx


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