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UTI 9 Weeks Pregnant


Okay so at my last ob appointment they diagnosed me with a UTI, I was put on a 7 day antibiotic that cleared symptoms up within the first day of starting them. Now 2 days after finishing the antibiotics the symptoms have came back with a vengeance. I'm going to see if I can get in to see my family doctor today and get back on antibiotics for it. Is it common during pregnancy to have back to back UTI's like this? It's my first pregnancy so I haven't dealt with it before and while I did have a UTI before becoming pregnant never to this extent or back to back. Is there anything I can do to help prevent them in the future?

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Hi antibiotics tend to kill all your good bacteria too you may want to try taking probiotics in pregnancy to increase good bacteria keep infections at bay x

Pregnancy can make you more prone to infections... also could be the bug you had was resistant to the antibiotic. Ask if your urine sample was sent for sensitivities


Good preventative measures are staying hydrated and cranberry juice. You can start it now, cos the more you drink, the faster your system will clear.

Other preventative measures for UTIs include using the toilet immediately after sex to flush the urethra out and always wiping front to back and not using toilet paper for more than one wipe. Sorry if that seems obvious, but not everyone knows.

I had this myself, I would avoid sex, wipe with wet wipes after using loo to freshen up to keep infection away and shower not bathe, also try an intimate wash like femfresh instead of ordinary soaps these can irritate private areas eat more vitamin c and cranberry juice is a good idea keep natural fluids intake higher than usual i.e water or very mild cordials. Mine were constant till the second trimester. Hope this helps and good luck.

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