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When did your bump show?



Im now 12 weeks today but my bump is huge already, was clearly visable to everyone stretch marks and all by week 10... was just wondering when did others stop being able to hide your pregnancies as due to my size im concerned i maybe carrying a litter.

Thank you xx

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Lol @ the litter! I found i had a massive bump in the morning which disappeared over the day. I then hardly looked pregnant second trimester and third trimester went massive.

My friend who is size 10 and 14 weeks behind me looked more pregnant than me and people kept telling her she was huge and asking if it was twins which it's not.

I'm 13 weeks and I felt like I started showing at 10! My jeans are really struggling to fit now I feel massive already 🙈 X

Rolphy84 in reply to Dream32

Ive already gone up 2 dress sizes 😣

I don’t think I had a proper bump until around 18 weeks but my clothes started getting tight around 14. Whatever size you are doesn’t matter as long as baby is healthy. Good luck 🙂

I’m 20 weeks and my bump only started showing properly about 2 weeks ago I have found I am a lot smaller in the morning then as the day goes on I get bigger. I thought I wa showing at 12 wks but I now think I wanna just bloated. Everyone of different plus if it’s your second pregnancy you show a lot quicker xxx

I’m 32 weeks and I only started showing about a month ago, everyone’s body’s different

Some woman don’t even show at all

I am 14+4 and I just look fat and bloated at the moment! Ha! I have only put on 4lbs but look like I have put on a stone as my bloating is really bad! I have succumbed to maternity bottoms this weekend as the bloat gets worse throughout the day which meant my jeans would get very uncomfortable. I hope the bloat leaves soon and I get a nice bump but knowing me I will probably look the size of a house! ha! Oh well as long as baby is healthy that's all that matters really, I can sort me out after! (hopefully!)

I am 12 weeks today and have a very small curved belly. Still fitting into a size 8 and most of my jeans still fit.. xx

You know what, i was wondering how some students managed to give birth without notice of anybody, i mean in 2015 there was one girl who gave birth in the middle of examination. She has attended one paper but the next day she was absent. Next day we got the news that she gave birth normally to a baby girl that is also at home alone. Infact the whole school students, teachers and all the staffs were shocked by the news. So i am still wondering how come we haven't seen her bumped? ?? Lol 😖

I wasn't obviously pregnant until after 27 weeks but I was a gym goer and ate healthy until 7 months. My baby was fine and over 7lb.

I've only just properly starting showing and I'm 22 wks. Every ladies body and pregnancy is different and bumps can start showing at 10 for some or 24 for others💗

Showing at 14 weeks- more intestine than baby if you google it, so lots will be related to bloating, but still can't hide it! Apparently, on average women move into maternity/bigger clothes from about 16 weeks ish.

Just one baby not a litter showed up in todays scan lol

hi my bump is quite round and cute because it is my second baby and my son and my boyfriend love feeling the bump

If your naturally quite slim it can show quite early. I couldn’t wear my jeans when I got to week 12 and convinced I was huge but it was still just one healthy baby xx

I'm in week 12 but already unable to fit into any of my jeans. Early on I think a lot of it was just me being constipated and accumulating more water (and lets be honest some Covid-snacking and not exercising), but now it looks a little rounder. I walk around thinking I am so fat (as I am normally quite slim) and that I need to hide it or someone will know, but probably not very obvious to anyone at all yet.

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