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Nausea back at 18 weeks?

Hi everyone

I’m currently 18+3 after my first cycle of IVF. I have only been sick a couple of times but was nauseous pretty much constantly from 6 to 14 weeks and then it settled a lot.

But this week I’ve felt really tired and now the nausea seems to be back again, although perhaps not quite as bad as before.

Has anyone else had this? I can put up with it as long as it’s not a sign of something wrong. I don’t see my midwife again until the end of January.

Thanks 😊

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I had this from about 17 weeks- I picked up a cold which seemed to triggger my morning nausea again. This week I’m overtired am from Work (teacher end of term) and it seems to be back again (I’m 20 weeks) and I’m back to only being able to eat certain foods again. I’m just assuming that this is normal - I’ve heard from lots of people who had nausea all the way through their pregnancy. Try not to worry too much - give midwife or doctor a ring if you are worried.

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I was the same hun. Had nausea until 13-14 weeks then it just stopped. Then I hit 17 weeks and the nausea hit me like a ton of bricks then stopped again. I'm now 24+2 and our rainbow boy is absolutely fine.

I did ask people if it was normal and they all assured me it was as sickness can be any time and come and go xx

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Maybe try drinking green tea or ginger ale or chewing on a little crystallized ginger. All these things can help reduce nausea.

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