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Low lying anterior placenta

Hi, I've just had my 20 week scan and everything seemed fine thankfully, apart from the sonography said my placenta is anterior and also low lying so I've got to go back for another scan at 34 weeks. I'm a bit worried about this as she said if it doesn't move naturally I might have to have a caesarean which scares me! Has anyone else had this? Thanks :-)

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I had this. Did they not tell you that 9 times out of 10 it moves? Mine moved and at the later scan everything was fine.

However if you get any bleeding you need to go to a&e immediately. Also I was told not to fly and that the pregnancy was considered high risk. Also no chance of being signed off to fly after the recommended time by the airline.

A bit odd as the placenta moved so it wasn’t high risk.

Also I had a c section as she was breech. Went really smoothly and nothing to worry about x


Hi darling,

Congrats on your pregnancy. Don't worry to much about low lying placenta. It will move later on. I had a very low lying placenta (also I had a high risk pregnancy and was bleeding almost every month) at the end every turn out to be worth it and I am holding my little miracle in my arms. The only problem was that I was not allowed to flight so I couldn't go away on holidays I complained at the time but to be honest who cares.....

enjoy your pregnancy and remember the placenta will move.


Hi, thank you for your replies, no the sonography didn't say anything to me about not flying but maybe she should have?! Is there anything else that's considered unsafe if you have a low lying anterior placenta? She did say it would probably move, but didn't say I needed to do/not do anything so I'm wondering if she gave me enough information now!


Probably something to discuss with the midwife...


It's basically about being able to get to a hospital quickly if you start bleeding. If you are in a plane or ferry then you will be far from a hospital.

The sonographer didn't tell me not to fly, I phoned the midwife and asked what the implications of low lying placenta were and she told me about the not flying or getting a ferry. A problem for me as I travel abroad for work. Just of there is bleeding get it checked out. Could be nothing but better be safe than sorry.



My placentas are anterior it just means that the placenta is at the front which may affect how you feel movements (may be delayed at feeling them) I’m not sure about low lying placenta I’ve never had it. In regards to c-section you may be best discussing your concerns with your care provider .

All the best xx


Thank you :-)


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