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Bleeding early pregnancy

Hi.i am 5 weeks 5 days pregnant( going off my last period date and having positive pregnancy tests).i was booking my 1st midwife appointment this week but on sunday about 8pm i started to bleed lightly.it got heavier on monday but not as heavy as my periods and 2 days later still passing blood.i dont have any pains at all and still have pregnancy symptoms.i have passed a few very tiny blood clots and slimey discharge.do i wait to see if i have miscarried ? I had a miscarriage in august 2014 and was told to wait to see if the sack passes and it did the morning after.i remember having extreme pain.i also had a son july 2015 this would be my 3rd pregnancy

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This is my third pregnancy, we lost 2 angels through miscarriage. One in December last year and the other in April this year.

I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant with our rainbow boy. I did have a 2 and a half day bleed at the beginning which is why I didn't think I was pregnant.

Although you haven't bad any pain which is a good sign, I'd still call your gp and book in with them because they can refer you to EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) who will be able to give you a scan. I wouldn't wait hun. Wishing you all the best! Xx


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