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Allergy Clinic HELP PLEASE!


I suspect that my five month old baby boy had developed an allergy. He is constantly congested, wheezy, has a dry cough and red swollen eyes. It is really starting to effect his sleep and feeding is a real challenge because he's struggling to breath so much. We think we have ruled out a common cold (this had been ongoing for two months solid) and antibiotics have failed to treat suspected sinusitis. I'm looking to take him private now because the GP has been unhelpful - can anyone suggest/recommend a paediatric allergist/allergy clinic in the Hampshire area? Or share your own experiences? We are using a humidifier, elevation and calpol to try and help him sleep but it really isn't working :-( TIA

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Do you have any pets?

Lauren87 in reply to Lyndsaytw79

Yes a cat but the LO has been fine with him since birth these symptoms have only been for the last eight weeks or so. Can a child develop an allergy that wasn't there before ?

Could be cows milk allergy.

We have undergone a milk challenge with nutramigen formula when my baby was tiny because he has severe reflux and CMPA was ruled out

That's great that at least you know that it's not milk! Good luck in finding what it is!x

Yes you can develop allergies at any time x

Try and send the cat away if possibly for some time and see if it improves and make sure you give the house a thorough cleaning . Pet hair is a very common allergen and yes allergies can develop down the line

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