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Cows milk protein allergy 8 week old baby and reflux

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Hiya I’m wondering if anyone’s baby has suffered with this?

My lil boy has been prescribed aptamil pepti 1 for a suspected cmpa. His symptoms seem to have improved but he still isn’t 100% but 50% better compared to what he was like before the milk. How do I get the Dr to try the neocate? He point blank won’t prescribe ranitidine for reflux and has told me to stay on the thickener for bottles but this isn’t helping at all. I think it’s more to do with the funding why he won’t give the ranitidine so I’m dreading the conversation over the neocate. Advice on how to approach the Dr would be grateful

Thanks in advance

Alison :-) xx

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This is awful to say but walk into A&E - it's the only way we got results (we ended up there after my LO refused to feed due to the acid reflux pain). The paediatricians understand reflux so much more than the GPs and are relaxed about prescribing ranitidine (my LO is also now on omperazol) and we ended up under a specialist. The paediatricians take reduced feeding very seriously unlike the GP it appears. Despite the prior diagnosis for us it turned out that we weren't dealing with a CMPA but just severe reflux, so consider that as well - CMPA seems to be the 'new' diagnosis for GPs rather than truly investigating the cause of fussiness (that and 'colic'). I hope things improve for you, it really is so hard to deal with I know x

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Thanks for getting back to me. We ended up in alder hey due to LO choking. They were the ones that diagnosed the reflux - told us to buy carobel thickener but it’s not working. The pediatrician there said if that didn’t work to get the GP to prescribe the ranitidine, she also told us to see our own GP to get the CMPA milk prescribed as they were an A&E they couldn’t prescribe the stuff for us. Hope your LO Is over the worst of it. It’s awful as you never get these days back but I’m wishing the days away as they are really draining physically and mentally. Just watching my lil boy suffering and not being able to do anything about it is heartbreaking xx

Hi I am a neonatal nurse and we always use neocate or alfamino for our babies with CMPA and they always tend to be on gaviscon and ranitidine.

Gaviscon is thicker than carobel so that could be something to try.

The only thing I suggest is persistence with the GP and tell them exactly what you want - failing that ask to see another GP. Or go to A&E In hours when there are dietitians around in the hospital, explain about your GP and ask to speak to a dietician.

Hope you manage to get it sorted xx

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Maybe ask gp for a paeds referral rather than go to a&e as it's not an a&e problem, and you will have to wait hours . Also a&e will not have access to a dietician would have to be done via paeds

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I work in a children’s hospital so was talking as if all the doctors are paeds doctors but guess it won’t be that easy in general hospitals

My son has milk protein allergy and reflux I had a right carry on with him at first as no one would listen to me he wasn’t digesting the formula he just kept passing it out every nappy was a dirty one I finally got one doctor to listen to me and she put him on nutramigen which helped a bit but he still wasn’t right we then had to see a dietician at the hospital and she decided to put him on neocate which worked wounders he finally started to put weight in he was on gaviscon for the reflux but dietician took him off it he still has reflux but it’s not as bad as it was xxx

Suspected cows milk protein allergy sounds very unreliable diagnosis - unless tests are done. That's what my gp said to me about our boy. So I bought from farmacy Nutramigen formula but he was having only few wet nappies so we moved back to breast. 2 weeks ago I bought anti reflux formula to try - he had constipation for days after only 3 oz milk so we will carry with breast. He's so much better though! I think he's growing out of it!

I met mums like you- such a vague diagnosis - start on formula - meanwhile looses her own milk supply and still struggle in formula and all medication as it's just a childhood reflux.

Gaviscon gave my boy even just 1 dose such bad constipation and Renitadin did not help at all- kind of glad as it containes 8% alcohol and felt bad for giving it to my baby.

Good luck sorted bf this out and be patient!x

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