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Constant hunger


Heyyy there.

So my sickness has eventually stopped woooo! I’m 18 weeks and eating well through the day and evening. Come bed time I get into bed and I either feel hungry or I’m woke up a few hrs later hungry. Has anyone else had this? And did you manage to curb it? I’m not getting much sleep because of it hahaha. Xx

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Oh I had this and it was awful although mine was from about 8 weeks til 16. I ended up having cereal before I went to bed but still was hungry in the night but not as bad as when I didn’t eat. Think mine is slowly coming back now lol xx

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Oh really? The thing I find is if I don’t eat little and often I suffer really bad heartburn. So I’m waking up hungry and have heartburn xx

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Oh no that’s awful! I’ve not been too bad with heartburn but I’ve had before pregnancy. I did find the hunger stressful because I didn’t want to eat too much and put loads of weight on and eating fruit just made me hungrier. I’ve never eaten so much cereal lol xx

oh yea, it's settling now I'm 18 weeks but a 3am bowl of cereal happened most nights until i started getting nutrigrain bars to save my husband going down stairs for me. Best of it is i don't enjoy anything i eat at the minute unless it's spicy! Still feel like i need the energy though x

its so strange because I’m 100% now eating enough but I get full really quickly so through the day I’m doing the whole eating little bit often but at bed time I seem to wake up after a few hours starving. I shouldn’t complain really because at the start I couldn’t eat and anything I did eat I couldn’t keep down xx

Banana on bedside table!

I tried this one last night and funnily enough I slept longer than usual but had nightmares 😂

Yes. Week 18 onwards I could have a meal after a meal! I had a bowl of cereal after my evening meal and fruit, nuts or cakes after breakfast or lunch. Still my weight gain wasn't excessive.

It's your body telling you that you that you need energy reserves.

My baby is 3 weeks old and I am 4.5kg from my previous pregnancy weight already.

Make sure you're getting plenty of fluids not tea or coffee as these make dehydrating worse. You will need more than the recommended 2ltrs when pregnant it's about 2.5ltrs. this may help. Also are you eating enough carbs and fruit and veg, your body says its hungry when it's not getting the right nutrition.

I’ve been really good without fruit and veg even through my sickness period I was able to keep fruit and veg down. It’s more snacky stuff I want to eat not proper meals (although I am eating them) xx

I’m constantly hungry too it’s getting on my nerves and then I seem to grab the sweets or the chocolate I wasn’t this bad in my last pregnancy I need to nip it in the bud but it’s difficult x

I’m exactly the same but I can only eat little bits at a time then I feel full, give it an hour and I’m eating again. Oooo maybe you’re having a different sex this time or do you know what you’re having? I’ve always had a sweet tooth but now it’s 500x worse now. I type this as I’m making my way through a bag of Doritos and dips. Haha x

Nitemare! Wish I'd been like this when preggers - not that hungry, was nauseous with "morning" sickness for round 7 months from about 6 weeks in. Mostly lived on what i could keep down (mints, rennie, herbal or decaff tea & the odd pasta, pot noodle or stir fry or casserole - don't eat loads meat & cold or spicy food didn't help). Occasionally had a craving for salty chips or a McDonald's cheeseburger tho, think hubby went out about 10pm once to get me one.

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