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5 weeks pregnant I think!!

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Hey everyone I’ve never posted on here but I found out I’m pregnant on Monday after 6 months of trying and I’m so happy! This is my first so I’m new to everything. I called my GP surgery and the receptionist said the doctor won’t see me and I should go online and fill out a form on my local hospitals website and they’ll contact me for a midwife appointment. I’m a bit annoyed about this as I have so many questions and the appointment might not be for another 7 weeks! Anyone else had this?

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Hello! Congratulations about your little one! I just made a regular appointment with the gp and then at the appointment said I was pregnant and made my questions... although to be fair I didn't knew what the procedure was... then the doctor referred me to the midwifery team... if you have question you can always ask in here.. or sign for some websites like the c&g which give you your pregnancy week to week and has midwifes that you can chat and ask questions, they were awesome with me... if I can help just chat...

Hope you have an awesome pregnancy!


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Hi Munyze thank you so much. I’ve checked on a few websites and it seems normal practice I just think I’m going to go mad waiting haha. Thanks again for your advice I think I might just book to see the doctor, it doesn’t feel quite real until I see someone about it :)

Congratulations! Your first apt is normally around 8 weeks so you should only have roughly three weeks to wait. They see you before your scan at 12 weeks. If you are worried, mention this to them and see if you can get something sooner. In the meantime, here is the NHS website that contains bags of info to get you started nhs.uk/Conditions/pregnancy...


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Thank you Bexicles! I’ll check the website out x

That’s quite normal. The midwife will be able to answer your questions more than a doctor anyway x

Congratulations! Your midwife should see you between 8 and 10 weeks. Have you got a midwife at your gp? You could call and ask to make an appointment with them instead of the doctor. If that doesn't work, try contacting your local maternity unit or midwifery clinic which you should be able to get off google.

Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy! Xx

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Thank you Major2116. No they don’t have a midwife. They advised me to sign up at the local hospital and a midwife there will contact me xx

Congrats! I found out i am pregnant yesterday! Called my gp and i am seeing a midwife onthe 13th! Maybe call back and just ask to see a doctor and then tell them you are pregnant once inside withthe doctor. It does sound like a long time to wait. Good luck xx

Hey congratulations to you too! I will probably do that in the mean time thanks and good luck to you too xx

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Congrats:) how long have you been trying ? I just started trying on the 20th of November after my period ended and iud was taken out on the 15th of November

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Hi Mami94 thank you! We started trying in June so it took a few months. It felt like forever but now it’s happened it feels like it was no time. Good luck to you stay positive and as relaxed as possible x

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Sometimes it’s hard not to stress a bit but definitely stress isn’t a good factor. Wishing you and your family well wishes x thank you

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Yes people always so don’t stress which I found impossible and could think of nothing other than having a baby. I’ll definitely get that under control now. Good luck and all the best to you and your family too xx

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Thanks a lot 💖

Never saw a gp during both pregnancies. If you have questions write them down to discuss with midwife .... they're probably better placed to answer as gp might not know what's available locally with re to birthing facilities.

You can look at NHS choice which. Has a lot of info and your pregnancy book once you have it. If not you can always ask on this forum. In the first weeks really what you need to be aware is taking a folic acid vitamin supplement and vitamin d ... these will be in pregnancy vits... avoid smoking/alcohol and certain times of food (on NHS choices) like raw meats, rinded and pauteurised cheeses and limit fish like tuna

Hey congratulations. That’s normal procedure. I had my midwife app between at 10 weeks but only because I only found out at 9 weeks I was pregnant because I was in hospital and they scanned and told me. Usually you get it between 8-10. You’re best off waiting to see your midwife they will go through everything with you, my appointment was like an hr long because I wanted to know so much. I personally wouldn’t just make an appointment with the GP when it’s not needed because there’s others who need appointments and can’t get them xxx

Congrats! As everyone else has said - it’s completely normal. I thought it was rubbish too! I recommend downloading some pregnancy apps as they have many useful articles and allow you to monitor things such as your weight, symptoms and the size of the baby - usually in relation to fruit! I personally use BabyCentre, Pregnancy+ and Ovia Pregnancy. The Midwife then told me to also download Bounty as my local hospital is signed up to it so I can download all of their information leaflets through it. The NHS website is also really good and tells you what to expect at every stage. Sign up to the Start4Life emails through the NHS, they are very helpful. Make sure you take pregnancy vitamins too (normal multivitamins do not have the right amount of folic acid or vitamin d and can sometimes contain the ‘wrong’ type of vitamin A for pregnancy). Good luck!

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Thanks Shem. Yes I have an unbelievable amount of apps and have been taking prenatal vitamins from the beginning. I think it’s just that I’m an impatient person and as it’s my first pregnancy it’s so important to me as everybody else would feel. I guess when your GP surgery plays it down it’s hard. Thanks for your advice x

To be honest, COVID makes first pregnancy very unsettling. Like you, I called GP and got a very blasé answer to pick an hospital. Then indeed you get contacted by the midwife but actually I got my 10 week scan letter before everyone contacted me. The first call with midwife was the day before my scan.

Don't expect anyone to be proactive. They keep changing my appointment but not tell me, I got no information whatsoever except when I emailed and asked clear questions (and actually I was given the wrong details for my group of midwives).

It is frustrating until you get that first contact (and sometimes after) as you are powerless (and get ready for being alone at every appointment, no partner allowed - I trust that's everywhere) but then, if you are worried, just contact whatever details you have for the midwives and they should get back to you fairly quickly.

and forums are always open to sooth worries.

Good luck

Actually one thing I discovered and that messed up with my brain, is by how many weeks you are pregnant doesn't depend on when you actually got pregnant but when your last periods were... At start I was just so confused as they were telling me my pregnancy started while I was away on a business trip, which I knew 100% impossible... so you might be 5 weeks or maybe more (which would make your appointments come faster hopefully)

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The original post is 3 years ago so the person who posted this might not be in the site anymore. Hope you have a good pregnancy, it's strange at first how it seems that the midwife care doesn't really start till later in pregnancy but it does get more as your pregnancy progresses, best of luck x

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