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Is my baby constipated?

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My baby is nearly 4 weeks old. He has been grunting and strainng as well as going red in the face and looking like he needs a poo. While I was BF he pooped every feed, but I’ve recently changed to formula feeding and now he seems a bit more unsettled and has not pooped since yesterday at 3pm, but he has been straining. I’ve been giving him infacol to try and help. What can I do to help him?

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It could be a variety of things could be colic could be constipation although bottle fed babies don't poop as often as breastfed babies in general, so 24hrs of not pooping is not abnormal. Also if you just changed it can take some time to resume a new pattern for their bowels.

If still unsettled might be worth seeing ur gp to see if baby needs something for his bowels although I reckon it's probably bit early to start meds as yet. Try masssging baby's tummy and warming tummyvup maybe giving baby a bath as might help with gas

I agree with the above Try giving some water after you've fed I remember the health visitor saying once you've switched to formula to give water after the feed to help bowels (obvs make sure boiled and cooled) Also try doing bicycle legs on bubu. Should hopefully help get bowels moving. I know it helped with mine but she was 4 month. Wish your baby relief soon. Xxx

Seriously the other twos advice is ok but I have had two children both of whom were severely constipated. My daughter very badly and a wait and see attitude will not help. Please go to the doctors immediately and do not leave without laxative medication. A friend is a pediatrician and he sees this all the time. One so bad that the stools had become cancerous. In addition to this my health visitor who wouldn't recommend any drugs for babies said this is different and needs to be dealt with. You can also try watered down orange juice but water is the most important. I used to add an extra ounce of water to the feed as well which helps. Also stewed pear and porridge can help. Please see the doctor though as it is a very serious issue!

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Cancerous poo? Are you serious? You shouldn’t be scaremongering like that! Bowel and colon cancer is not caused by constipation and poo itself isn’t cancerous!

Constipation is so common with babies on formula, as you say your friend sees it all the time. Actually diluting formula is not recommend by health professionals.

Amanda, my baby was badly constipated when she went from bf to formula. She went a week without pooping regularly and we took her to the doctor. He gave us lactulose which we gave to her when it had been a while. Our baby pooped every other day for months. The doctor was not worried can I hasten to add! Formula fed babies do naturally poo less than bf babies as breast milk has a natural laxative in it. Here is some further info that might help you:

As the article says, your baby may also just be a grunter and a strainer and not constipated at all. Always best to get a GPS opinion if you’re worried.

Hope that helps! X

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Go argue with a peadatrician

I'm not scaremongering. My daughter suffered for two years with me having monthly checks at the hospital. Constant fights administering movical and fighting attitudes like yours from my in-laws.

I'm not scaremongering I just don't want this baby to go through what mine did.

I'm arguing worst case scenario and I have the medical facts from a proper doctor not some web page.

The last thing you need is for a child to become impacted so that the muscles of the bowel over stretch and lose musicality making it virtually impossible for it to come out.

Although if you prefer webpages to medical fact then that's fine but I have had extensive experience of this and stand by my advice. A wait and see attitude will make it worse.

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The link you put up has nothing to do with this, it's a page telling you how to help treat constipation in someone who has cancer!

Impaction can be a problem in children but in older children who have toileting issues and who stop themselves from going, not in young babies.

It's pretty obvious that this has been because of the change from breast milk to formula, scaremongering really doesn't help! A visit to the GP would be a good idea if it continues of course.

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Look my 7 month daughter was impacted and I know what I'm talking about although I posted the wrong link. Like I said you can believe what you want I was the one dealing with it with my own child who I am very sure what her age is. The fact is constipation has become a real problem over the last decade and if not dealt with is dangerous. Hopefully you've never had to deal with it but I have so you can tell me what you like but I'll trust the specialists and my personal experience

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One of mine was a grunter and all 4 were solely breast fed, used to make me laugh because the poo that came out was typical soft bf poo, he kept it up until he was over 2 years old lol even when sitting on the loo. I started teasing him gently about it and he stopped doing it overnight, I think they don't even realise they do it! He also used to make that nom nom noise when he ate, so funny. He's 37 now with 4 kids off his own lol, good memories actually xx

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Mine makes nom nom too! Thank you

Factually and medically poo cannot be cancerous. Plus I did not suggest a wait and see attitude, is suggested seeing a GP.

Thanks everyone. He’s has passed two poos in the last 48 hours and is eating well. I’m going to call the doctor anyway to check him out as he seems in pain when he strains. His poo has been a normal consistency.

My little girl suffers with constipation and I tried gripe water. It worked wonders. I have her some at 7pm and within ten mins she had done a poo, then some more at 1am and she's been fine ever since. It didn't cause her poos to be runnier than usual but it stopped the discomfort. You can also try calpol depending on there age, baby massage and bycycle legs xx

I’ve spoke to a different doctor who suggested cooled boiled water. As he’s pooped within 24 hours the doctor wasn’t concerned. I’ve also been to a baby group and the support worker showed me some baby massage techniques which I’ll try. I’ve got some gripe water too so may try that. Thanks again xx

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