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How to prepare mentally for the birth?

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I'm 33weeks and I feel I don't have the energy to carry on anymore. I'm not excited or happy I know it sounds bad but I just want it over. Im not looking forward to anything and Im feeling sick all the time. Ive lost my appetite and dont have friends or family around me...feeling quite hubby works till late so i hardly get to speak to anyone all day. How can you be mentally and physically prepared for the birth?

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Hey dear

Am so sorry you feel this way .. I understand how you feel especially moving from Ireland to uk and having to adjust and had a hard time making friends .. don’t think so much about it but do talk to it about your hubby about it and think about the joy you feel when he / she is here x if you need to talk just message me .. you can never mentally prepare I think just hope for the best and stay strong cause your baby will need you to be strong 💪🏽

shite you feel like that, I'm 29 weeks and vern feeling like that. My friend put it into light when she was like your pregnant for nearly a year. when I thought about it I was like yeah 40 weeks out of 52 so 12 weeks is what you haven'the been pregnant for 😂. I feel fed up sometimes and I've had a decent pregnancy just suffered heart burn been feeling sick alot now, not sure if that has something to do with him moving around my partner looked it can get systoms the same in the 3rd trimester as the first! pretty crap if you ask me lol. I feel bad when I think like that but don't it'seems natural your little one will be hear soon and it willooks all have been worth it. Thats what i tell myself... (So everyone says anyways) when are you due?

Hi hun, I’m sorry you feel this way. It’s bloody hard isn’t it! It’s such a huge change to your normal life it can be a shock to the system. I was diagnosed with antenatal depression and was given medication and feel LOADS better. Don’t worry about mentally and physically preparing for birth, your body will take over and you find the strength. What you’re saying doesn’t sound bad at all so don’t feel bad, I felt so low early on in pregnancy that I questioned if I even wanted to continue with my pregnancy. You’re on the homestretch now hun, it won’t be long. I would have a chat with midwife about how you’re feeling, they see this ALL the time. Message me if you wanna chat more or ask anything. You’re going to be okay, I promise xx

Thankyou ladies for all your kind words and support. It really helps chatting to people on here especially if you don't have family and friends around you. I will be speaking to my midwife next time I see her though, thankyou!

I felt like this too. Think it’s called perinatal depression. Since your pregnant you will be fast tracked for counselling. I had three sessions before my baby was due to reduce the anxiety. Found that my anxiety was quite normal as well as wanting your body back. Cooking a human is a huge job and takes its toll.

Hi dear!

I am also in 33 weeks, alone too my hubby doesn't return home sometimes due to work schedule. Most of the time i spent myself doing household chores, watching tv, attending office, etc.. although my bump is very big i manage everything by myself. Like wise try to be busy, engage yourself in knitting or weaving or reading.

Anyway, you wanna share your feelings since both of us are in same stage of pregnancy i am always there for you.

All the best and enjoy your bump 😅xoxo

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Thankyou Angel90, it means alot to have people like you listening and taking time to reply and understand what you're going through. I am really grateful. Good luck with your pregnancy too hun xxx

I'm sorry, I do feel for you. I have been without a family. Moving regularly. Had low iron levels, felt tired. No internet at home or telephone until we were connected. No smartphones back then. An active 3 year old and a grumpy husband. Not to mention sleepless nights and a limited fat free diet.

Had also been suffering severely from Obstetric cholestasis. Life was awful but I made it through somehow. I don't know how.

I got to know mums at baby groups after baby was born and at local playgrounds. Better times will come. It is just difficult to cope when you are in it. Just persevere and hung in there.

Easier said and a lifelong skill to learn. Many of us women don't realise how lonely marriage and pregnancy can be and many dads think we aren't doing much at home.

Will think and pray for you.


Thankyou so much for your post and your kind words! Knowing that other people are going through similar things that you are and understand means so much! I don't know how I will get through this but I pray to God to give me and all the mums to be strength to get through this difficult time!

I am so sorry you feel alone , I know how that feeling would be as I don’t have friends or family around . I can feel you . I am never pregnant so people can advice you about pregnancy related ..

All I can say is just engage yourself and watch funny videos.. watch lots of kids videos and just laugh .. like literally laugh , that will really help you destress .. good luck with you rest of days ..

You will be ready your body takes over and you find strength you never knew you had. Right near the end you sleep well normally the night before you

Give birth and you feel stronger. You can do it. Believe in your body it’s made to do this, you can do it!! Xx

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