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Gestational diabetes

So I was diagnosed nearly 2 months ago with gd and have had really bad results with my sugars so they put me on metaformin which I haven’t started yet. But this week so far my sugars have been good yet my diets not changed due to me being limited to what I can eat anyway I’m really confused I’m still having episodes where I’m going really tired as if I’m having a high but I’ll test and it will be fine.

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Could the tiredness be related to being pregnant rather than high sugar?? In general high sugars in gd don't tend to give symptoms of tiredness but third trimester pregnancy def makes you tired!!!

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Maybe you need iron vitamins? I'm very tired all the time and have restless legs. Good luck with the pregnancy and diabetes it's so hard try to get receipes off the Internet to keep you interested in your food. Good luck!


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