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HELP With mucus :(


Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows any home remedies or tricks to help a baby breathe better.

My 3 months old little one is having problems breathing (specially at night) we have visited the GP twice regarding this issue and apparently there is nothing I cannot do... which is very frustrating. At the moment we are using saline drops and spray as well as a humidifier however they do not seem to work.

The problem is that my baby gets very cranky and has problems eating I also tried baby massage to help with the breathing however nothing works :(

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Not much that can done. Maybe a steamy bathroom or steam might help of course not too hot and will burn baby! There are these nasal suckers available but honestly never worked with my daughter

Jay2017 in reply to roxannacar

Yeah I am using them they do not really work.

I don't know what to do any more. Someone suggested Vicks for babies but I'm not sure if I should buy it.

The nasal sucker we had worked great it was one you hade to physically suck yourself but gross but definitely worth it. Also we put cushions under the mattress of our sons crib so he wasn’t flat on his back that worked well too.

Jay2017 in reply to LHow81

Thanks for your advise

I use the Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirato - instant relief! Highly suggest it!

Just checked it, have a similar one from boots ;)

A hot water bottle on the chest to increase local heat and help it fight off the mucous. Water not as hot as for adults.

Make sure baby's nose is always warm as in not cold or different temperature from the rest of the body.

An old lady told me and my kids never had a cold until 3 or 4 yrs of age. Neither were they overheated or sweaty.

My daughter had mucous for other reasons and I know how terribly annoying it can be. Sleep helps as the nose clears after some time falling asleep...if it can manage this.

Thanks for your reply I would have a go today

Is it because she's under the weather or had she always been like this? Do you breastfed? Babies who have cows milk or lactose intolerance can have such reaction as blocked nose, bronchitis, asthma like symptoms.

Good luck in figuring this out and helping your babe!x

She is a breastfeed baby. Aparently it's quite normal for them to have mucus. GP checked her twice already and have found no signs of infection and been told is quite normal.

Today I used the hot water bottle as well as calpol vaporiser and so far so good. Have no need of nasal spray or the nasal aspiratiors. Will check the one you recommended tomorrow.

Thanks for your replay X

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