Bleeding at 12 weeks

Hey guys,

I'm new on here and just after a bit of advice to see if anyone else has been through the same thing!

I'm 12 + 3 and a week ago last Monday, at 11 weeks, I was at work and had a very sudden gush. I wasn't sure what was happening and thought I might have pee'd myself! I ran to the toilets and I was actually gushing blood. I work in a hospital so I ran to the A&E department and was given a room where I constantly bled heavily for a few hours passing clots and at one point after going to the toilet feeling 'to pass something' that I didn't get chance to grab.

The doctors tried to get me to the early pregnancy unit but they could not see me until 2pm on the Tuesday. We went home accepting the worst and to have the worst 24 hours of dread and tears.

Myself and my partner went to the unit the next day for a scan and was very surprised to see a baby there with a heart beat and everything! What a surreal moment!!! The past week has been an emotional rollercoaster and I feel close to tears often.

They cannot say what it was that cause such bad bleeding. But have said I could had a bleed somewhere and haemorrhaged or the possibility there was a twin.

Constant fear has now set in and I'm petrified its going to happen again. There was no symptoms leading up to what happened so I have nothing to look out for.

I'm still bleeding over a week later, although not heavily. Its dark in colour (possibly still old blood) and sticky in texture (sorry for the gross info!!). I have my original dating scan next Wednesday but it just feels so far away.

Has anyone been through this before and knows how long the bleeding could last for? Or has anyone gone on to have a wonderful pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby?

I'm just searching for some reassurance to try and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy because I'm sure this worrying isn't helping!!

Thank you for reading my very long post!!!

Debs x x

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Wow deb that’s such a roller coaster of emotions I can imagine how exicited and anxious you must be. I hope everything goes well .. x I just removed my iud on the 15th during my period and waiting to fall preggy lol it’s been 3 days since I finished my period. Sex isn’t the issues as we constantly have sex just hope it all goes well lol .. wish it does for u as well keep us updated x ❤️


Don’t worry too much and follow your doctors recommendation and hopefully should be okay x

Good luck! Hope everything goes ok x

Hi! I had this at 6 weeks where it was gushing and clots with cramps as well (felt exactly the same as previous miscarriage). Had a scan and everything was fine to then bleed heavily with clots and cramps again that afternoon. They could see a bleed on the scan and said it should just go. I never knew the cause. I didn’t properly stop bleeding until about 10 weeks x

Oh wow, thank you for your reply. It's quite a significant length of time that the bleeding occurred then? Was the rest of your pregnancy smooth after that? X

Yeah bit of a scary time but pregnancy is going fine now and I’m 28 weeks x

Do you feel more at ease now? I suppose once I have another scan next week I might feel a little better. Have you had to have extra check ups or anything? X

I feel better than I did but we had IVF so it makes me feel more on edge about things. I didn’t fully relax until 20 weeks but now I’m paranoid about keeping an eye on movements.

I haven’t had any extra check ups for it just in the beginning I was scanned at 6 weeks for the bleed, then 7 for the bleed after the first scan, then 8 with my fertility clinic and then 10 because they suggested to check on it x

Glad you're feeling more at ease about it all. Not long for you and you'll have your little bundle of joy here! Thank you for sharing your experience, you've put me at ease a little more! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy hope you enjoy it! X

Thank you! Good luck to you too I’m sure all will be fine and time will fly by once you feel more at ease xx

sorry you have to go through this. I am 19weeks pregnant and also had a few episodes of bleeding from 5 weeks upto 9 weeks. Had quite a number of emergency scans - found out I had a haematoma next to the uterus. One time I bled so profusely and passed clots that I was sure it was a M/C and it was painful too, but I just prayed and took complete bed rest and thankfully the body absorbed the SCH. It disappeared after a while and (touchwood) hasn’t come back since. Hang in there and hope your scan goes well. Babies are resilient creatures. And the fact that you have seen a strong heartbeat is a good sign. Praying for you.

Oh wow glad everything is going ok with your pregnancy, you're right they are resilient little things! Keep us updated how you get on! X

Oh bless you what a nightmare for you but glad you got to pregnancy unit and baby is ok. Bleeding can be quite common in early pregnancy (I was told this by a few medical professionals) I bled through the whole of my first trimester up until about 14 weeks, scans showed baby was ok but it’s still hard not to worry. They never knew what caused the bleeding. I had a healthy little girl 8lb 4oz in June. Hope all goes well at your dating scan xx

Think it's the not knowing part of it that's the most scary part, I have nothing to lool out for!! Fingers crossed for Wednesday and hopefully restore a bit of confidence! X x

Yes not knowing is the worst bit, I remember frantically counting down to any scan/appointment just so I could be sure everything was ok. I would say try not to worry but I know I still did. Xx

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