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C-Section Worries 💔 Long post

Hi im a mam of 3 pregnant with no 4

Im currently 25 weeks pregnant

my first 2 children i had a normal natural delivery 3rd emegy section which was now 5years ago This emerg c-section was to me a horrable terrifiying experience which i have never fully gotten over

Now just 2days a go i went to see the consultant which i thought was just a routine visit

Turns out she wanted to discuss the birth of no 4

She made me aware during my emergancy section i had tore, quite a large tear right down and a second surgen had been brought in to help repair this ( bare in mind i was never told this ) i have only just been told 5 years later and 25 weeks in to my pregnancy

Now she explained that the surgen had left a note at the time stating i would be good to go ahead with a VBAC or a second c/section in the future

giving me both options

The consultant is disagreeing with this and insisting on a planned section at 39 weeks (but is going to go and speak with that surgen and give me her opinion in around 6weeks

Now i understand the risks from both options but im absolutly petrified of another secion

im worring about the whole surgery aswell as the recovery

i dont want to let my kids down by not being able to care fully for them while recovering ect so much going through my head

Anyone been through anything simular and have any advice tips

willing to share your experience good/bad

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I haven’t been through this but I can imagine how anxious you feel I would say speak to your hubby and make the right decision by going with your gut. I hope it all goes well x

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Thank You xx


C-sections can be very scary. I had an emergency one almost 4 years ago. It was very traumatic for various reasons and I never really got over it. But it did save the life of my little girl. I had a planned c-section last year and it was the opposite experience. Completely relaxed and I felt I was in safe hands. I’d had others tell me that a planned section is so much better because the staff are well prepared. That was my experience too and in a way it helped me to process the first c-section I had.

You can also discuss your plans/any concerns with your consultant and midwife, as it helps to have some control over what will happen to you and your baby. They will want to do the safest thing for you both. Take heart xxx


Thankyou so much for sharing i have read a few people have had alot better experience with a planned one

I am now starting to believe its the safest option due to there being so many risks but it just doesnt take away the fears , did you seem to recover differently the second time around,

I do believe being mentally prepared helps alot in these situations and will help with things such as recovering (i hope lol)

, my partner is there for me no matter what and will do all he can but its better to hear peoples experiecnce as your partners just dont seem to understamd your fears or how it can affect you fully lol

I do have an appointment with the midwife in 2 weeks so can go through things abit better with her x


You’re welcome. I just wanted to share that a bad experience first time round doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen again next time.

It’s normal to worry though. A c-section is a major operation. I found recovery much better the second time. Mainly because the op wasn’t rushed and I went through ‘enhanced recovery’ which meant they got me moving straightaway (unlike the first time when I was bedbound for a week). I think that made all the difference. Perhaps you can discuss enhanced recovery with your midwife.

It’s so lovely that your partner is so supportive. With such a good support network I think you’ll do just fine xxx


Hi hun, I totally understand your anxiety. I had an emergency c section after a 32 hour labour with my first son. I was petrified of another one. While pregnant with my second son they said I would have to have a planned c section as he was a big baby. It was so much better and everything was explained fully, I felt more in control. With my last son they said I could go for vbac if he wasn't another big baby. When I got to 37 weeks they said he was large so another section was booked. When he was born he was only 6lb 11 so maybe I could have delivered him but I thought the main thing is we were both fine and I went home the day after. A planned section isn't anywhere near as scary. Take care hun. All will be fine xx


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