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Chronic and delilertating Rosacea

I have had the above for 15 years. Im 40 now. I have periods of remission usually in the warmer months. I usually take propanadol, clonidine and zispin and gabapentin sometimes too. I have type 1 which is flushing and burning. I have a 3 year old already. Whilst pregnant with her i was fine the whole time i was pregnant and whilst bf. I thought i would be fine again with my 2nd. But thus pregnancy is completlt different. Im 11 weeks today with no sickness or indigestion nust sore heavy boobs at night. Obviously i stopped all my meds when we decided to try and was fine for the first 4 weeks but my rosacea is horrific now and im not coping. I spend all day everyday infront of a fan with icepacks held to my face 24/7. Im literslly housebound. Cant even go yo the shops as my face is on fire. I know hormones are the main thing here causing havoc but i cant imagine doing another 6 months like this. The excitment of this pregnancy has been taken away as my confition is so server without any meds. Has anyone here had servere rosacea b4 and during pregnancy?? Where u allowed to take any meds?? I know its a long shot as there arent many people as chronuc with the burning pain as me. Ty

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Have you tried talking to your gp? He. CAn check which medication is suitable


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