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Miscarriage or what help needed?

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Hi am new this , but need help or advice as am really fed up with my doctors.. i was preganant on the 6th october 2017 .. my last period wAs 22ng august missed a period in september .. but on the 24th october i strated bleeding like normal period for a day half wasnt heavy or no clots or pains .. so went for a scan she said cant see no sac so u might have miscarriaged and gave me letter i was devastated.. after couple of days i was having severe contractions sevrer cramps on my right middle abdominal .. and still got it been nearly 2 weeks went hospital all bloood tests normal, bp normal. Pregnancy test now negative .. they just given me painkillers which taking them but no help .. this crMping pain isnt going away and got weakness in my right leg .. they refusing to do Another scan due to everything looks fine .. but my instint and my body says somehting is wrong .. got this feeling am still pregnant or somtnjng is wrong... has anyone else experienced this ?. Please share your advice wht to do as this is just like contractions worse than that...

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Hi my lovely I’m so sorry to hear your going through this and feel like no one is helping you (nhs) you know your own body ! The only thing I could tell you to ask your doctors or ring the EPU ward is could it be an etopic pregnancy or a molar pregnancy and some of the sac or baby is stuck and not being released that’s why no heavy clots !

Explain the pains your having and in your leg as it doesn’t sound right and it’s going on for longer than 2 days.

I miscarried my twins August so I know it’s not easy ! I hope your ok please let me know how you get on xx

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