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How early did you feel your baby move?

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Hey mummy's& mummy's to be

I've just turned 16 weeks and on my google readings I've noticed a lot of women saying that they could feel their baby move around this time. I haven't felt a thing! Not even a twinge, And now I'm wondering if I'm supposed to be feeling something this early? Surely not...

How early did you feel your baby move?

Thanks ladies ✌🏿

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Week 25 for me! I have an anterior (at the front) placenta which is said to act as a cushion so you may feel movements later than some.

Hello Georgina_D at what stage did they tell you you had anterior placenta?

At my 20 week scan x

Week 21 for my first and I didn’t have an anterior placenta. I did feel baby around 17 weeks for my second but that’s normal. Beware of google, it can drive you crazy through pregnancy and when they’re born too! Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy! X

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Thank you Bexicles2016

It's my first pregnancy and I really have no one to talk to so google has been my best friend 😂😂 but thank you I'm really trying hard to stay away from it.

I didn't feel anything this early the first time and it was more like gas bubbles when I did. Second time I felt flutters quite early but that's usual!

Around week 20 for me. If it’s your first it can take longer to notice anything and apparently some women don’t feel anything until up to 26 weeks. At first the movements will feel like butterflies in your stomach and can be mistaken for gas but you will soon notice the movements. When the baby gets bigger you can watch your tummy move when they kick about, it’s really exciting!

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x

Thank you, I really can't wait t start feeling the baby move.

I am 18 weeks preggers and haven’t felt anything yet except pain on the sides which I suspect is round ligament pain. Don’t think there is anything to worry about - different women feel the movement at different times from anytime between 16 weeks and 25 weeks I think.

I didn't recognise anything I thought was definitely the baby moving until week 25. This is my first pregnancy so I don't think I was tuned in to the early flutterings. I was starting to get very paranoid and worry about it, but now 28 weeks and feel really strong and frequent movement. Try not to worry -it will happen!

Don’t worry it’s different for everyone - soon enough it’ll be wriggling like mad when you’re trying to get to sleep in between toilet trips for a thimble full of pee 😂

😂😂 not looking forward to them toilet trips at all. Thanks for your reply

I feel the first bubble type feelings at 16 weeks. By 20 weeks it was full on kicking x

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Oh great! Not long to go before I start feeling something!

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