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New to group. Wanted to say hello and ask a little about my symptoms 🙂

Hello everyone 🙂

I'm new to the group. I'm pregnant from our third round of IVF. I'll be 10 weeks on Sunday.

I only have a few symptoms that make me feel pregnant....

1. I vomit a lot, I don't feel sick I just am and I know when it's going to happen. Doctor thinks it's acid reflux and gave me omeprazole which hasn't helped. Anyone else had vomiting a lot but without nausea?

2. My saliva production is crazy! I have to spit constantly! 😂 Horrible!! A very strange symptom, apparently can be linked to severe vomiting. Again just wondering has anyone had this?

So apart from this and sleeping slightly earlier at night (go to bed 9 or 10pm instead of 11 or 12) I'd say I feel ok?

Having suffered losses plus going through IVF I just feel paranoid that this isn't normal, I don't know how I thought I'd feel when pregnant but I just imagined I'd feel so different.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any info 🙂 Xxx

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Hi love I've natterd to you a few times on the other forum, saliva production was my number one worst symptom!! Yuk! And I'm sorry to say I had it all. The way through! I was Sat with a lady in hospital who used to keep a pringles tin In her bag to spit in like 50 times a day!

With regards the vomiting, omoperoazole won't stop that happening? It's a reflex rather than reflux? I had that too, and would gag and chuck up at 1 second notice whilst feeling fine before hand. That did pass, when I was about 14 weeks.

All. Sounds normal. Hun, all. This feeling crap will be worth it when your holding your munchkin ❤️ I promise xxx

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Hi misswinky34,

Thanks for the reply. We have spoken a few times on the other forum! 🙂

Oh gosh, the spitting is driving me mad!! I've bought a little basin which I have with me all day and night, I have to spit a few times per minute, it's crazy! Love the Pringle tin idea, I'll need to buy some so I can use it lol. It's a struggle at work the constant spitting and it's something I can't hide because I need to spit so much, so constantly spitting in tissues 🙈

The doctor thought I had acid reflux and I did too at first but since my appointment at the doctor, which was around a week ago, my sickness has become a lot worse. I stopped taking the omeprazole after a few days because it was giving me a sore stomach anyhow, but now I'm not so sure it's even acid reflux. I mostly do vomit after eating, but I sometimes vomit before I've eaten, hours later etc. It's really random.

I'm finding it mostly hard at work, trying to hide it is becoming very hard. Counting down the weeks until I'm able to tell people and no longer need to hide it!!

Thanks again for the reply, so glad to see that my symptoms seem normal. I'm not sure what I expected to feel, just generally I feel ok apart from these few things and I guess I thought I'd feel really ill or something xxx


Lol I love the justification of eating the pringles 😁 I know what you mean about not knowing how you would feel, I never got the glorious glow that allegedly happens. I wasn't glamourous spitting in any direction I could get away with. With dry hair and greasy skin. Lol but I was so great full to be pregnant I didn't feel I dare complain. Wait till the leaky boobs and mood swings 😂👍

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I haven't got the glow either and my skin broke out in spots, it's just gradually clearing now lol.

My nails are nice and strong though and usually they're all chipped and broken so that's a bonus lol 🙂

I know what you mean about complaining, I never text anyone saying anything about pregnancy and I only tell them how I am when they ask. After all we've been through to get this far I never want it to seem like I'm complaining as I'm so grateful to be the closest to having our family that we've ever been ❤️🙏

Haven't got the leaky boobs yet but my partner says my mood swings are worse, I can't see it but he is saying they're bad. Hope they don't get any worse or he'll maybe need to move out for a few months until they improve as he's struggling with them already 😂😂😂 xxx


All very normal unfortunately! Sounds like you’re a ok so far. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope the sickness settles down soon x

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Thank you so much. I hope so too! Lol xxx


Anyone considered just swallowing the saliva rather than spitting it out everywhere? Just a thought...


Makes me vomit more as there is so much and already vomiting enough! 🤢


Oh dear, bless! Hope it passes soon for you.

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Hope so 🙏 Lol xxx


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