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New job and pregnant before starting!

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Hi everyone ,I have posted before about a similar issue, but this is more of a updated concern/feelings. I have got a new job which I interviewed when I was 8 weeks pregnant and I knew I was pregnant. I did feel guilty interviewing knowing I'm going off but I need the money to pay the mortgage so had no choice. But now I'm working there (now 11 weeks) I know its going to be so hard to tell them, there are a ot

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For some reason it cut me off when I was doing my post :/ ... anyway there is a of women where I work and I can already tell the groups of some of them are quite bitchy, I know it'snot ideal but I'm really happy I'm pregnant I'm jus so worried how it will go down. I know they will most likely think I knew I was pregnant when I was interviewing and I know people get quite angry about that. Has anyone else been through this any advice would be great on how I can cope with the worry of telling them x

I would tell them when your ready don’t put pressure on yourself but you might need to find out where you stand with maternity pay as some company’s require you to of worked for them for 26 weeks so your entitled to statutory maternity pay xx

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Hi Claire thanks for replying, its a difficult one as my job involves potential risks to the baby so I cant hold on to long , I wont get smp there but just to have a job and earn money whilst pregnant is all I need. So I Have little choice but to work , hence why I feel so nervous at what they will say.

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Just tell them and look after number 1 you have rights look up maternity action on google it’s a brill website and tells you your rights when your employed even if you put that pregnant and just started a new job in Google’s search engine it may bring up other people’s experiences too xxx

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Thanks Claire I will look into that, that sounds like a good website. I know I wont be the first and wont be the last but its just a nerve wracking experience.

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Everything will work out just fine like I said you have rights so don’t worry let me know how you get on 😄

I did a bit of reading on this. Legally you can walk into an interview and you haven't got to say a word about you being pregnant and even if you did, they aren't allowed to discriminate you because you're pregnant.

I have also read that you haven't got to tell your employer you're pregnant until 15 weeks before the baby is due.

I know of 3 people who haven't found out they were pregnant until 20 weeks+ because they had no symptoms.

They say they can't discriminate because of pregnancy but my friends sister applied for a job while pregnant but they said there was 'someone more qualified' even though her sister had the top qualifications for the job.

Depending on the job, you may want to consider telling them soon. I work as a carer for elderly at a hospital so I'm around infections, aggressive patients and heavy lifting. We have lost 2 Angel babies so with this pregnancy I told them when I knew and they've been brilliant but I work with a great bunch of people.

I don't think you've done anything wrong hun. You didn't legally have to tell them x

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Hiya thank you so much for looking into this, and exactly legally I have done nothing wrong, I think my battle is how it looks I suppose. Exactly I was very early on when I interviewed so I didnt want to not get a job because you never know whats going to happen during pregnancy, it is a job In healthcare as well so many diseases and toxic drugs so I may have to tell them before I'm ready. Thats good you have been supported, I'm sure the people I work with are quite nice but because I have just joined its not like I have forged good relationships yet. So I feel extremely nervous about how they will react xx


I am in a similar situation, I had interview, took the job to start two weeks after, and then found out I was 4/5 weeks so very early. I have eight weeks training and six months probation so I am holding out as long as possible. It’s difficult because 8 weeks training plus minimum 4-6 after take over is a long time. I feel bad, but am really happy with both the pregnancy and new job. It’s a daily struggle, come for a drink with us after work with new colleagues... have to find good reasons to decline. Here I bought you a red bull, excuse to not drink it, can you carry this? “I have a bad back sorry” etc.

But at the end of the day you have to do what is best for you and your little one.

I don’t know if this makes you feel any better but just to know you are not alone and it will all be worth it in the end!

This EXACT thing happened with me. It was 90% women and very catty there too! If you want to email me on I can chat over email but don’t want to put too much online!!

Hey I’m in the same situation so I know how you feel! If you think whatever you’re doing f could affect the baby’s health if tell them and say you’ve just found out. If they didn’t ask in interview technically you didn’t lie xxx

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