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Hi I was hoping for a bit of advice, I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant and my symptoms (nausea, tender breasts, growing pains) seem to have calmed down. I've not got it into my head that the baby has stopped growing, I don't know if I'm over thinking things and read google to much. I don't have my midwife appointment until the 29th Novemember I'm finding it all quite emotional because I think something had happened. Thank you

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Hi I was told by my fertility clinic to expect loss of symptoms around 8 weeks not that I had many anyway. Still didn’t stop me from panicking though but everything was fine x


Thank you, when we have the scan I'm sure I'll feel a lot more relaxed x


One of the most important things to remember is that Google is not always your friend.

Our daughter is currently 9 weeks and her symptoms come and go, they’re worse at night for her now so she’s having difficulty sleeping, during the day she’s much better.

Everyone and every pregnancy is different, I had 4 children and was sick once, had nausea with 2 but nothing with the other two, in fact number 3 was a surprise pregnancy at 16+ weeks as I had bled what I thought were normal periods at 4, 8 and 12 weeks!

At around 12 weeks you’ll get a scan, try not to worry in the meantime, I understand that’s difficult though xxx


Thank you, I'm so worried this time around and seem to Google things and worry myself even more which I know not to do but thank you. I've calmed down a little now x

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Oh good, it seems such a long time until the 12 week scan doesn’t it, I do understand!!

The private early reassurance scans are supposed to be good, our dd is thinking about having one but as she said it’ll only reassure her that day, she’s having a lot of nausea again, it’s definitely on and off with her. I think she’ll probably wait until 12 weeks now as she’ll be 10 wks on Tuesday.

Sure everything is fine, thinking of you x


I had a private scan at 8 weeks + 3 yesterday and am so glad I did. I'd recommend one if you're really stressed- had my midwife appointment already and she booked the NHS ultrasound in mid-December. I used ultrasound direct (a.k.a. Babybond). Can't recommend enough. Told me the heartbeat rate and everything. Also got 8 pics.



Would your NHS scan make you more than 12 weeks?


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