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Worried about gestational diabetes!

Hi ladies

My midwife recently told me she is sure u gave diabetes even though I haven't done the glucose test. Can anyone midwife diagnose you with this.? I will be going to the diabetic clinic tomorrow and I'm really worried does anyone know what tests they do there.. ?my midwife advised me to write a list of questions but might sound stupid I don't have a clue what to ask. Any ideas..? I am craving chocolate or something sweet does it mean I can't have it at all..? And also I'm really worried about the labour can i have a normal delivery if I have diabetes.? Please help anyone xx I am feel really stressed out and keep going into panic attacks x

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I think the questions you are asking here should questions u ask at the clinic. C sections are more common in people with diabetes .. I don't think it's a rule in any way but something worth discussing .... it will also depend on babies size, as diabetes can cause larger babies. I presume she checked some kind of blood test, maybe a finger prick or possible found lots of glucose i your wee to suggest you might have diabetes.

As for the chocolate it's sometime you need to discuss too ... if you are going to be diet controlled in general the less refined sugar you have the better as they try and keep strict control of blood sugars in pregnancy, but ask and see what they say!!

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Thanks for your reply! I will definitely be asking the clinic I was suppose to go tomorrow but they phoned and rearranged my appointment. But I will definitely be making a list of questions before I go. Thanks again!


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