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My baby of 5day is having pains in d belly


Pls my 5days new born was cry like someone that is having pain in d belly what do I do to him, and people said his head is not properly close that I should give him concision pls what do I do

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What do you mean his head isn't closed? What is concision??

Have you been burping baby after feeds, that might help with gas

Try infacol or gripe water plus burp your baby. Apparently sometimes babies may adversely react to something you eat in case of breastfed babies, so try seeing whether you have eaten anything that could make a grown up gassy (such as broccoli) or try observing whether after you've had food you see your baby having a problem (some babies just don't like some things you eat but you have to be judge). If you formula feed then maybe switching a brand could do the trick. Rarely babies are sensitive to lactose so maybe soy formula could work. However all those changes need to be discussed with your health visitor, midwife or doctor.

If symptoms persist, or there is anything else- see your doctor. Such a small babies cannot have paracetamol yet so best seeing a doctor to see what's up.

It's normal that babies head is not closed. The soft spots are called fontanelles. Head bones will eventually fuse but not at 5 days old. Posterior fonatanelle (on the back if the head) will likely close at 6 weeks and anterior at 18 months! All babies have their heads 'open' however if there is anything that worries you see a health visitor, doctor, ask your midwife.

Sounds like colic which a lot of infants suffer from some worse than others ! How many ounces of milk are they drinking and how often ? Is his soft spot sunken as if he’s not getting enough or drinking enough they could be dehydrated! Contact your health visitor or visit doctors! I hope all is ok xx

My son had colic and he had obvious tummy pains. We did baby massage which helped. He grew out of it eventually thankfully.

Call your health visitor, she will reassure you the the head is normal, all babies have this. Your baby probably has trapped wind or colic. Go to your pharmacy and they can give you things such as infacol and don’t forget to pat and rub your baby’s back after feeding (sometimes half way through) to get them to do a burp. Try to stay calm, these are totally normal things for a newborn.

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