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Movement at 16 weeks-first baby

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has felt movement at 16 weeks with first baby. I was lying flat this morning and felt pressure on my bladder and touched my belly with my hand and felt a little bump press out, it lasted only a few seconds and went back again and then the pressure went off my bladder. Has anyone ever felt this before I had a scan 5 days ago and everything fine and active baby... as a first time pregnancy everything is worrying and I want to enjoy it...

Thanks 😊

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Congratulations on your baby! I'm 16 wks and 2 days and I feel my baby move all the time. It's not proper kicks yet, just feels like someone is poking me in different parts of my belly! My first baby too and wasn't expecting to feel anything till about 20 wks (when most women feel baby first move) but am lucky enough to feel them move now! I hope this helps and I wish you a smooth and happy pregnancy💕💙

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Hi Isabella,

So good to hear from someone I am 16 weeks and 3 days... I’m the same it’s like poking and flutter/butterflies... everyone said it would be around 20 weeks for movement so it was a shock this morning but wonderful 😊 best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy as well 😊💕

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