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Hello everyone, just joined this forum. I have a 9 weeks old little one and was wondering how often should be bath

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  • i saw something on Facebook about this a lot of people were commenting and saying that they do it every day as part of a routine i.e bath, book bed. but i personally think my daughter at that age would of been too young for a routine. she's 6 months old now and we are only getting into a routine now. i think if your baby is quite sicky maybe once a day. My baby isn't too sicky and therefore doesn't get too dirty so we bath every other day. i think its more about personal choice, when shes crawling around we will bath her daily but for now its once a day. we don't have a bath only a shower unit and don't have a stand so it kills my back, at least when shes crawling around she might be able to sit up making things easier.

  • Thanks for the reply. I know what you mean my back kills me every time I bathed her. I am worried about her delicate skin as she is only 9 weeks.

  • My little ones love the bath, baby at one end on a bath support, toddler down the other with a few of his toys. I don’t bother with bubbles atm when the baby is in there and I use a thermometer to keep bath water at a nice warm temperature. Usually the baby is in there for about ten mins but really loves it ☺️ I also sometimes take the baby in the bath with me. I suppose if they like it then go for it 👍👍

  • Hello to you dear and Welcome aboard! I am really glad you decided to be part of this community. Also congratulations on your angel. He is relatively young and he needs you now more than ever. I can bet you are a proud mother!

    As per the baths, I am sure I have red somewhere that 3 times would be enough. However you can go do it as much as see necessary! For example my sister washes her son 4 to 5 times a week. It is all up to you dear.

  • Thanks for your replies ;)

  • Hi. Congrats on your little one! Welcome to parenthood. My little one is a pretty sicky due to over eating since birth (He is B/f), so since he was 3 days old I have bathed him at 6pm every evening. As far as routine is concerned there was one occasion at 9 weeks old when we did have to miss his bath time, didn't think it would have made any difference to him, and honestly he became so unsettled (not even nursing settled him) I never missed a bath again after that. All babies are different though. Do what you feel is best for your little one. Always trust your instinct.

  • Welcome and congratulations! My little one gets a bath nearly every day as part of her bedtime routine however she’s 5 months and teething so is very sucky/dribbly just now. Just go with what your comfortable with, a few tunes a week is fine at such a young age xx

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