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No morning sickness?


Hi all, anyone not have any sickness/nausea? I’m 5 weeks and no nausea at all yet. Have sore boobs, cramps and some constipation. I feel pretty fine! Slightly worried I should be feeling more symptoms ... thanks

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A close friend of mind didn't find out she was pregnant until she was 21 weeks purely because she had no symptoms at all. She only found out because she went for a routine kidney scan. I wouldn't worry too much hun :) x

Your only five weeks mine didn’t kick in till 8/9 weeks and carried on every day all day till around week 17! X

Darling don't worry, every pregnancy is different and if you don't have any morning sickness consider yourself one of the lucky ones :)

I have a 9 weeks old little girl (my first one) and I went through the pregnancy without morning sickness diarreah or constipation. Someone told me it was due to my healthy diet.....

I also didn't have any cravings until I was in my final moth that I thought if I didn't have my daily piece of chocolate cake I was going to die lol

Take good care of yourself, eat lots of fresh veg and fruit. Do gentle exercise and enjoy your pregnancy. And above all congratulations

Thank you so much xx


I didn’t have any sickness whatsoever xx

Hi, be very glad you dont have morning sickness!! Mine started around week 8 and lasted until week 13. There was nothing morning about it, it lasted from the moment I woke until I went to bed and through the night. I think some ladies dont get it at all. I did have very sore boobs and cramps. I am everything is fine and good luck! xxx

You're super lucky! I'm around 6 to 7 weeks and I swear I can't remember the last time I didn't feel nauseous or queasy. It may come later or may not but I wouldn't feel too worried, It's probably unlikely you'll get all of the symptoms at once may happen overtime. I haven't experienced the sore boobs yet but they've gotten bigger x

I had it from week 6 until about week 30. I hope for your sake you don't get any sickness and nausea though. Good luck with everything.

I didn'thave any morning sickness with my first i was only ever sick once and that was in my last month when she was moving loads! Enjoy it and congraulations :)

Hi - I am 13 weeks, and had not one bit of nausea or sickness. I too thought there must be something ‘Wrong’ with me, but just very blessed. All the best!

I think morning sickness is more common around the 7/8 week mark. Don’t worry. You might be lucky and not get any. Hopefully that’s th case for you because it’s horrid xxx

I didn't have sickness/nausea at all. I went off strong smelling foods (week 7- 11) and appetite decreased around then. I'm 39 weeks now and baby is fine :) not everyone has sickness x

I had sickness with my daughter who is now 12yrs from 5weeks till she popped out. Now 23weeks into my second pregnancy and history is repeating its self. Vomiting and salivation is always constant now, just waiting for the due date as medication is not helping. Count yourself blessed and enjoy your pregnancy.

I was sick from week 8-16.

I’m the same apart front he constipation and sore boobs. So do not worry everyone has different symptoms and we are still at the early stages so you never know what you might feel later on. 😊🙏

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