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Group b strep

Hi all

i went to a private clinic and paid to have the group b strep swabs. I got a phone call the other day to say I have tested positive. Iv spoke with the midwifes at the hospital and they said I will need to go in when labour starts or when my waters break for Iv antibiotics every 4 hours until baby is born. I just wanted to see if anyone has experienced the same thing and if you went into hospital as soon as the contractions start or if they made you wait?


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My friend had been identified to have group B strep when she was pregnant with her first. She phoned the hospital to say she was in labour and they told her to stay at home as long as possible. They headed in and only just made it for her to give birth, they didn't have time to put a canula in, so no iv antibiotics during birth, but administered after and monitoring and her baby is now a very healthy, active 5.5 year old.

Don't worry about it, just be aware you have it and make sure its in your hospital notes so the hospital know about it. My friend was told by a very sensible health visitor that the problem with group B strep is that it might be present the day you are tested but not on the day you give birth and vice versa, which is why they don't routinely test for it on the NHS.


didn't have exactly the same. but i was worried about my stitches 6 days after i have had baby, midwife took swab then i found out i has it. i think i was very lucky not to pass it to daughter through labour, personally i phone then when things start happening, hopefully they will want you in as i would rather be there just in case!


Hi hun

Me and, my sister both had group b strep. I'm going to tell you both labours not to worry you just to let you know what could happen if your not there in time.

First of all I was already admitted into hospital with high blood pressure they said I'm not leaving till I have my baby. The night before I was going to be induced my waters broke, within 20 mind I was on delivery suite hooked up to medicine. (They say they want you to deliver within 24 he's of waters, breaking if you have group b strep) they brought my contractions on thick and fast and I ended up having a, c section at 1pm the next day my daughter was getting frustrated with the meds. Everything was fine.

My sister

Wasn't even aware her waters broke little, trickles every now and then this went on all night and afternoon when she spoke to my mum (mum didn't know shes had spontaneous quick deliveries with all 3) she rang my grandma who's had 7. She said waters have broke they got her to hospital ASAP. They got her on meds and delivered my nephew. Hours later he started jiddering randomly my sister picked up on it nurses said he was fine it kept happening my sister called the nurses again and said this isn't right something is wrong. Turned out she was right he was in the the poorly baby Ward for 10 days he had caught the infection. My sister was heartbroken it was the longest ten days of her life were she couldn't even be with her baby like all the other mums.

She had her son before I had my daughter and every little trickle I had with my daughter I would be at that hospital. I would never risk waiting it out as soon as my waters broke if I had it again with this pregnancy I'd be straight there with them meds. Hope you have a lovely rest of pregnancy and your delivery is smooth. Please just keep in mind what I said. Take care



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