Very concerned

I haven’t had my period for a month and a half now which is very unusual for me as I’ve never skipped a period, I have had sexual interactions with my boyfriend but have never had sex. I have also became more stressed lately and have been experiencing terrible mood swings. I have had period pains a couple of times with some discharge which has a little blood thinking I’ll be on my period but I havent. What shall I do? I’m so concerned I really don’t know why this had happened it has never happened before. What’s good advice and any knowledge you have on why this is happening? Thank you in advance

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  • If you’ve not had unprotected sex then you are more than likely not pregnant. You could take a test to be sure. There are lots of reasons that your period could be delayed. Here’s some info

  • I had a crazy cycle. You will think I was used to that but no. I have been constantly learning about myself. Stress and not being mindful and focused on me always extended my cycle. Had bleedings or spotting in between and was told that was my period...I didn't think so.

    Relax, read the above link the other user sent you and trust your body. In many pharmacies you can have a free pregnancy test too so you won't be alone to do it.

    Good luck

  • Take a pregnancy test. It's a small investment for piece of mind. And better to know sooner if you are.

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