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Booking appointment cancelled- not been offered another until 12 weeks. What should I do?

Feeling a bit stressed. Went for my booking appointment today at 9+4 only to be told that it had been cancelled when I got there. The next appointment I've been offered is 2.5 weeks away and I will already be almost 12 weeks by then. Not sure what to do. Should I make a fuss and see if I can be seen sooner. I'm worried that delaying this appointment will delay my fist scan?

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Ideally your booking appointment should be by 10 weeks and first scan weeks 12-14. If your booking appointment is week 12, it shouldn't matter too much but you need to push for your scan to be done by week 14 x


You can always call

And ask if the ultrasound has been booked alrEady. Shouldn't really need to wait to book ultrasound. My first pregnancy has booking at 12 weeks and ultrasound say after. So I'd check with them. To be honest tho it won't really make a difference from a clinical point of view


I did give the local midwifery team a call and they were really helpful. They have arranged an appointment for Monday instead.


You could try call but your scan isn’t always bang on 12 weeks, it’s anythung between 12-14. I only had my app a few days ago and I’m 12 weeks and they rang and booked my scan there and then for next week. Don’t worry or stress too much they won’t leave you or forget you xxx


I had my booking appointment at 12 weeks. All they do on the first appointment is ask loads of questions and fill out a lot of forms. It lasted over 1:30h just answering questions. At the end you take home this massive folder where you’ll gather information through your pregnancy.

If you are worried about anything and doesn’t want to wait go and see your GP.

I felt all sort of things at the begging, leg pain, heart palpitations but found out was nothing. We worry too much because everything is new.

I’m 14 weeks now just had my first scan.

Good luck


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