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Is it just me?

I feel bad but some days I feEl I don't want to be pregnant I know so many people try for years and would do anything to conceive which makeshould me feel worse but I canthink help these thoughts what ifor I don't have that overwhelming feeling ofor love when he is herein February. Me and my partner have only been together a year have doubt we should be going on holidays and doing all the new things but I fell pregnant 6 months ago I know I'll be a great mum and have always wanted to be but I can't shake these thoughtsites mibby it's the hormones my head is aLloyd over the place just looking for some reassurance

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I think we all get a few jitters. Our bodies are going through huge changes emotionally and physically.

Have you ever suffered from depression before? I have and have been noticing anxiety and depression symptoms creeping up on me slowly since about 20weeks. But I put it down to being an anxious first timer.

I’m going to bring it up with the midwife, apparently a few do get postnatal depression before baby is due. Hopefully you can address your feelings in a way that helps ie counselling.


Hiya I'm 21wks now after ivf so I should be over the moon to be pregnant but most days I'm full of despair and I don't even know why. A few things happened recently that i thought definitely weren't "me" so I went to see my gp who diagnosed me with antenatal depression and anxiety! This was only last week and I start counselling and cbt on Friday...I can't wait for my first session as I want to start enjoying this pregnancy!!

If you don't feel "right" see ur gp or talk to ur midwife now....don't wait for it to get bad like I did and don't wait for ur next midwife appointment if it's weeks away. You'll be surprised (well I was) how understanding they are...and if u need help it's better to get it sooner rather than later....we all deserve to enjoy our pregnancies! xxx


Thanks for the reassurance that I'm not the only one it's just some days i feel resentful and I think my partner I'd he probs isn't at all but yeah hormones aha i hope you both get the help you need I think I'll manage just tired and grumpy lol. Just want him here already but scared I don't feel that love feeling I feel so bad when I get negative thoughts

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Hope you feel better soon! What I would say is, how u sound is how my problems started and they went downhill pretty quickly (a couple of weeks)...just be aware of how u feel (which it sounds u are) and don't be afraid to raise even the smallest thing that doesn't feel right. I've never had anxiety or depression before...even though it took us 5yrs to conceive...so it was a total surprise! Even when I went to the docs, and even some days now, I feel like I'm making a mountain out of a molehill but then another down day or moment comes and reminds me that all is not well! Hope it gets better for u hun xxx

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Your baby love will grow over time and will be something you can't really imagine until they are born and don't worry about the travelling bit, you can do that in time even with a baby in tow as they are pretty portable and adaptable. In time when you look back you will wonder why you were ever worried but as long as you have good emotional support from your partner you will be fine. You will probably feel a great sensation of protection for your baby to start with but as your lives grow together so will your affection and before long you will be sharing adventures together!


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