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Can anyone help

I’ve tried different midwifes, sonographers and everything! At 12 weeks I started bleeding with pain, I was thinking the worse and went for an emergency scan and everything was alright, the blood stopped about 6 days later, I went for my dating scan and they seen the bleed and measured it but it wasn’t next to my baby, anyways a week later on from that I started bleeding brown old blood with extremely bad pain, as I went to the hospital they done a speculum, and my cervix was clamped shut, later that night I started passing blood clots the size of golf balls, and I went straight back into hospital and this was when I was 14+4 weeks, they done a internal scan and a normal ultrasound and listened to the heartbeat and everything looks fine and good, the blood has stopped now after another 6 days but I’m just really worried and I want to know where the blood is coming from, not even doctors can find it which makes me more worried! Has anyone experienced this or similar? Sorry for the long paragraphs but I need advice!

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Bleeding early on is fairly common and very often they don't find a actual cause for the bleeding. Hopefully it should start to settle in the second trimester.

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My friend has had on and off bleeding fearing its a miscarriage. She's been seen by the epu but they can't find where its coming from. She's 20 weeks now and has been on and off bleeding from 6 weeks onwards

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Some say that boys make mums bleed. Not sure if it is an old wives tale or what the statistics are.

I bled because my placenta detached due to severe vomiting and had a girl.

Apparently there are thibgs to give you to stop it. On the other hand if Baby is fine that's the main thing.

Don't lift any weight ay all and lie flat is what they used to recommend. You need to be cared for. Hope that is possible.

It is hard not knowing. Just trust and take everyday slowly. Xx


My best friend literally just went through something very similar and I don't want to scare you but they forced an abortion at 17 weeks as they believed there was something wrong with her uterus or the placenta but she was in agony and kept in hospital on morphine for a few weeks as she couldn't function with the pain and continuously bled even though scans showed her baby looked normal and her cervix was closed. After all was said and done they told her there was something wrong with the placenta.

Sorry I know its horrible to read and I'm praying your going to be fine x

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I’ve got my gender scan on Monday at a private clinic, so I’m going to ask them to do a good check and have a look around everything, I’ve had an internal scan and everything looks fine in my placenta and uterus so I don’t think it’s that x


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