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I'm so scared 😔

I found out I was pregnant around 6 weeks ago .. I thought I was further due to the periods I had missed .. I started bleeding with brown blood the odd bit here and there so I called midwives and she referred me for a emergency scan at the epu .. they could see the sack and the yolk but no feral pole which is why there wasn't a heartbeat she's told me to go back in a weeks time to see if anything has changed ... I am now experiencing blood clots .. iv even read that sometimes this can happen and u can go on to have a healthy pregnancy ... I am so worried shaking crying .. I feel like I'm losing a part of me and it's killin. Me inside .. should I be feeling like this ? Or should I not worry and hope for the best? Has anyone experienced this without having a mc .. all comments are appreciated .. xx

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Didn't want to read and run... I'd advise TLC- look after yourself, avoid being alone if possible and allow yourself to be sad. It might not be a miscarriage and I hope it isn't, but just in case the link below might help you understand it more.

Good luck. Thinking of you x


I’ve had a miscarriage before and in this pregnancy I bled and cramped loads with clots between 6-10 weeks which to me was exactly like my miscarriage. Everything was fine and now I’m 24 weeks. A baby’s heartbeat starts around 6 weeks so you could still be a little early.

I really hope you have good news for you xx

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I had exactly what you are describing. And remember the mixed and wishing time would go by more quickly just to get to next week. The bleeding and clots continued up to week 12. I now have a a healthy 5 week old baby.

Good luck, hope everything turns out well for you. Keep us posted.

Thinking of you.


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