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Breast pains

Hey, so I'm 14 weeks and 6 days pregnant. It's my first pregnancy and let me tell you about these breast pains. From a scale of 1~10, the pain is a 10 at the sides of my breast. These pain feel like sharp razor ripping through my breasts but they only last for some seconds. These pains are only present while I'm asleep at nights and once I make a change in my sleeping position that's when I feel these sharp pains. Anyone recons?

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Breast pains are unfortunately part and parcel of pregnancy for a lot of people. Make sure you're not wearing a tight bra, you can try different supports or no support. It really is trial and error. You can use paracetamol pain killer wise but not much else


As roxannacar says, get a bigger bra. When you have a bigger bra, try wearing it in bed as well. That helped me sooo much!


I had a lot of pain too, It woke me up. I couldn't move easily day time, lift arms or turn my body. Trying to move and be physically active ironically might help.

Good luck


I'be had breast pain in pregnancy just not how you've described it. Try the recommendations from here.

You still using wired bras? They sometimes make the pain worse.

also get it checked out if they don't help


Interesting because I still wear wired bra but this time tighter so my breast pains has leaviated much better, thanks


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