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Unbelievable pain in my ankle!

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Hi Ladies

Im 26wks and i've been having horrible pains in my left ankle that I can't sleep at night. I've tried everything I know pillows keeping it up...yoga...hot water bottle and even tied it up for a bit during the day..but nothing seems to work. I am so exhausted as Ive not slept for days! Has anyone had the same.? Any ideas would be really appreciated! Thanks!!

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I have never heard of this. Is it swollen?

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Its a little swollen but I'm in total agony. My GP said it's ligaments but didn't really give me any advice what to do other than ice cubes on it and that doesn't help. It's so bad it's keeping me awake at night.

Not much you can do a out

Ligament pain in pregnancy. Elevation is good, I'd probably try heat therapy rather than cool. Can try an appropriate ankle support or get some pregnancy tights if it's related to swelling. Tablets wise you're limited to paracetamol, I would not use any gels or anything like that as the contain NSAIDs (like ibuprofen etc) which is contraindicated in pregnancy

Thanks for that hun! Do you know if that may be linked to pre eclampsia?

No ankle pain on its own isn't. Swelling can be a symptoms but this not normally just in one ankle but more widespread and it is fairly significant swelling. Pre eclampsia tends to happen in the third trimester (not sure how far you are).


I am 26weeks I know it's a concern from 27weeks onwards that's what worries me.

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Congratulations with your pregnancy.

Could it be that you have twisted your ankle?

During pregnancy your body releases hormones to soften your joints so it is easier to deliver your baby when The time comes. Unfortunately this hormone (relaxin) works on all your joints and can make you prone to injuries. If you think it's something as simple as twisted ankle, few days of rest and elevation should help. Otherwise call your gp and book an appointment.

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