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21 days late negitive tests help?


Hi everyone new here just looking for some advise really I'm now 21 days late for my AF have been to doctors who seen me straight away as had a miscarriage in May done a urine sample and not got back in touch with results! Very frustrating had took many tests 2 have came back very faint lines but then rest fully negitive any advise? Thanks

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Are you doing them first thing in the morning? Maybe try digital tests they will tell you definitely one way or the other. Poor show for your dr not to get back to you I’d call for test results and then you’ll know One was or another. Hope it all goes well

Surely if the gp didn't get in touch you could give them a call to ask? However if the gp did a urine test and all your urine tests are now negative it's unlikely that it will be positive, as the ones you buy over the counter are actually just as sensitive as the ones the doctors use.

I found the TESCOs own brand tests most sensitive- £3 for two, I think. More sensitive than the Clearblue digital. The Clearblue took 3 days to catch up with the TESCO one.

Thank you for the replies, iv tried to call my doctors 3 times and keep getting told they will call back what is really anoying! I'm doing the tests with first morning urine. That's what I thought also as said to my doctors no point doing a urine and waiting as I've done plenty home tests all different brands just want either a blood tests Incase I may have PCOS what's starting to worry me :/

Ask your dr to do a blood test for beta HCG. That will definitively confirm one way or another. Good luck - it’s horrible not knowing x

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