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8week postpartum and still having a PV bleed

Hi all, i was wondering if any of you have been through something similar? My waters broke at 30 weeks and i started labouring, the doctors managed to stop the labour but it was decided i would be induced before 36 weeks! At 35+5 i went in for induction and after 49hours of contracting every 2 minutes i had made no progress and was rushed for emergency c-section after i developed a severe infection. About 3 days PP i got very ill with sepsis and needed a blood transfusion. I have been bleeding very heavy for 8weeks almost 9 with severe cramps? The doctor said its probably just my periods returning but i have never had bad periods in the past and the bleeding has been continuous since my sons birth. Advice or reassurance would be great right about now :(

Thanks xxx

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I had a Pp hemorrhage needed 4 blood transfusions and I bled heavily for 8 weeks and bled continuously for 13 weeks it's normal to bleed heavily it's your body returning to normal after birth of you are worried speak to your doctor again


Hi, i dont think i would be worried as much if i had a natural birth but didnt expect this amount of bleeding after a section! I am going to go and see my GP i think to have things checked while i wait for a scan!

Thank you xx


I would imagine if you had sepsis you had an ultrasound done to check uterus? Also you would have had your bloods tested to make sure you've not lost to much blood?

Post partum I had a bleeding for c. 6 weeks, although it wasn't heavy. I was also breastfeeding, if you aren't you could be getting your first period by now. Do you feel well in yourself otherwise? If not worth speaking to your gp again, asking if they can check bloods or if it's very heavy a&e is also an option



I didnt have any scans or anything after to check my uterus, i had a scan which just measured the amount of urine i was retaining as at 3 weeks pp i couldnt pass urine and had to be catheterised for 2 weeks while i had physio to re learn to fully empty my bladder again, i have had a blood test to check the infecion had cleared and the transfusion helped with my iron levels etc but thought i might have had a full blood count not just iron and infection markers. I mentioned the bleeding at my 6 week check up with my GP and got told it happens sometimes. I ended up going to A&E anyway as i fainted a couple times, they have decided to refer me and im having a scan in a couple days, im just really hoping it gives some answers now as its getting to be really draining! They did confirm with a couple tests and a speculum that its not a period, ive always had really light periods and i was breastfeeding until about 2ish weeks ago, for some reason my son just got he wouldnt latch i think it was his tounge tie it was a lot of work for him

Thank you though xx


Sounds like they've missed something then hopefully you'll find out what it is but I bled really heavily, I had forceps and a severe hemorrhage and had 4 transfusions so could be Pp bleeding your periods may take a while to return I didn't have my first proper period until I was 4 month Pp


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