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6 week and spotting

Hi guy, so I’m 6 weeks and this morning I’ve had bad stomach cramps and about 2 hours later I’ve had little red blood,so I rang the midwife and they said its spotting and that it was normal but I should keep an eye out for it getting heavier and they said if it get any heavier I should go to a&e. I’m just wounding if anyone else had this when it was their first time?:/

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I started bleeding week 9, in my first pregnancy. Unfortunately, I miscarried :(


I had the same earlier on in my pregnancy, felt like period cramps and a bit of spotting and I'm 13 weeks now and have a healthy baby. Try not worry too much. Good luck with your pregnancy x


My friend has been watching over me, I went to her first cause I was really worried that I was having a miscarriage,and she is friends with a midwife and they said at 6 weeks it normal with stomach cramps with a little discard


We have 2 angels in the sky and with both, I had terrible period pain, worse than usual and then spotting which also got heavier. Have you passed any clots?

On the other hand some of my friends have bled through their pregnancy and have had healthy babies. If you're instincts say something is wrong always follow them. You know you're own body xx


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