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Pregnancy after Baby Loss

Hi All,

I’m new to this.

I had a daughter in March who died aged 26 days old. I miss her everyday and I know she should still be here with me.

I have fallen pregnant again with my second child and I’m around 7 weeks pregnant.

I was so excited for the news I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to get a second chance at motherhood.

Last Thursday, whilst at work I passed a huge gush of blood. It was painless and no clots.

I went immediately to the hospital and they could still see the sack and the yolk but it was too early to see a heartbeat. The cause of bleeding is unknown.

I’m back tomorrow for a follow up scan where we are hoping to see development.

I knew second time round would be scary territory but I never anticipated this.

Would love to hear if anyone is going through anything similar.


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Yes! I am! My daughter died from meningitis at 31 days old in April 16 (born healthy and took ill with late on-set group b at 3 weeks old). I am 15 + 4 weeks pregnant. I went to full term last pregnancy with no issues. This pregnancy I've had bleeding and clots. Like you I had early scans, seems everything is growing normally. I have been told my cervix is just very sensitive -very scary at the time! Hope all is OK with you, good luck x


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