Sickness and leaving a job after a very short time

Hi everyone,

Hoping someone has been in a similar position to me and has some advice. To cut a long story short I am a nurse and have recently got a job which I am really not enjoying and is making me very anxious. I don't know if this is because I am 7 weeks pregnant and the hormones are all over the place but I genuinely believe I would feel like this even if I wasn't pregnant. I have given my notice which I know won't go down well as I have not been there long at all. Trouble is I also am feeling extremely sick and very dizzy at the moment so much so I doubt I would be safe to drive. I have tred mints and ginger etc but was struggling to not gag in front of patients when I felt sick. I have a notice period to work but I feel very anxious about going back as I know the reception won't be rosey, and I have so much to consider with the health of the baby as paramount. I haven't told them I'm pregnant and I know I will have a lot of work load when I go back, accompanied with a frosty reception . The nausea and dizziness plus this work related station is making me feel very low and worried. I then have the issue of finding another job before I'm to far down the line in the pregnancy, has anyone got a job knowing they are pregnant ,I feel quite cheeky but I need the money. Can anyone help?

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  • Are you a nurse in the nhs? If so you could speak to your manager and let him/her know how you’re feeling, they tend to value honesty! They could then redeploy you to another environment that may be more suitable for you. I work in ITU and on the shifts I felt nauseous I asked to be placed with a sedated patient in a side room so that if I was sick i was able to be subtle about it (without it compromising their care) 😂 you’re very well protected while pregnant and you may be surprised as to how u derstanding and accommodating your colleagues will be, it’s always worth an ask! Good luck, it must be very stressful for you

  • Hi Chloe thanks for replying! I am yes, I have already handed my notice in now, as I feel this is something I want to get over as quickly as possible. I know that if I want another job in the NHS I have to look fr it myself on the NHS jobs site. That's a good idea about being put in a side room. The reason I'm leaving is not pregnancy related, it's the lack of support and no staff (worse than normal nursing teams) I just can't work somewhere like that when my main concern is making sure I have a healtjy pregnancy. There are environmental aspects to the job also which aren't great for pregnancy so it'l be less stressful worrying about those too. I do feel very stressed with it all to be honest. X

  • I totally understand, but you can still ask to be redeployed within the trust for any reason at all, not just pregnancy related. If your manager doesn’t take your request seriously you can escalate to the matron or HR. I would just worry that to be eligible for nhs maternity benefits you have start before you’re 15 weeks and I assume you have to work an 8 week notice? That does cut it fine . . . I hope you find a better job soon!

  • Thanks Chloe, I see what you mean, I am lucky that the situation I am in I only need to work a 4 week notice. I'm reluctant to explain what that is over this public site. But i will only be 11 weeks. I would like to stay within the trust but it depends what jobs are available. I am very nervous about getting another job knowing I'm pregnant but it is early days at the moment and I know a lot of women do it.

  • Probably not much you can do if you already handed your notice ... But if you can I would discuss with your manager. If there are unsafe aspects

    Of the job that really should be tackled with via manager/OH via the pregnancy risk assessment.

    I worked in A&e in my first pregnancy and avoided certain (?meningitis and nasty infections) and violent patients and they were supportive of this.

    As the other person mentioned you might not be able to get full Maternity/smp if you change job now ... (You might still not be entitled in this job if you only started tho)

    I'd also look at your trusts maternity policy and speak to citizens advice bureau as you might be entitled smp via them instead

  • Hiya :) they don't know I'm pregnant and to be honest I'm not leaving due to a pregnancy related issue. I would be leaving even if I wasn't pregnant. It just so happens the nature of the job itself does make it harder being pregnant. The factors are unfortunately part of the job and there's nothing they could do to eliminate that , besides me not working there. I wouldn't get smp even if I was to stay in this job because I was already 1 week preg when I joined. So it only be maternity allowance when I get another job. It's a very hard decision but I'm glad others have experienced similar situations.

  • It's definitely not worth staying in for another 7months if you hate the job already. I would start looking into jobs ASAP before you start showing. Although they can not discriminate against giving you a job because you're pregnant if can be pretty hard to prove that at times!

  • Hi i am a midwife and got pregnant soon as my job started I did end up telling my managers they were lovely. They ensured I didn't work with patients who had d/v.. or anyone who suffered a loss and helped me with the work load. I had sickness until I was 6 months I had dizziness the lot and to be honest I went of sick quite a bit... but as you hate your job you are better of leaving.

    Maybe start looking for another job asap as you say you are skint but find something you like ☺

    The sickness hopefully will calm down..

  • Hiya thank you for posting. It helps knowing someone else has been through what I have. I'm newly qualified as well so there's a lot of issues around support. I know my first job will always be scary buy I feel I'm not willing to put my health and now baby at risk to work somewhere I don't feel supported. I will try looking for another job I think, even though I know they will try and twist my arm into not leaving. Has anyone else but in this situation as a newly qualified nurse? I know we need to get our skills up straight away to get our confidence but now my world and priorities have completely changed and my mind is more focused on making sure I keep my baby. Hopefully as you say the sickness will go, and I will have help wherever I get a job xxx

  • I was newly qualified still am as I only managed like 3 months on and off with work my preceptorship folder is still new nothing ticked off so I know when I return i have it all to come... So you will be fine. And yeah you have to put yourself and your baby first I got told that when I kept forcing myself to go work when I was ill I would be feeling sick an dizzy and actually be sick and id have to drive an hour to work it was all becoming too much. I did feel worried as I was off work a lot but what can you do... your next work place let them know you are pregnant and they can support you and if you go off sick for a pregnancy related issue it's okay as it doesn't affect your absence score! X

  • Thank you that's reassuring to hear your story. I did wonder how a new employer would take it if I had to be off sick with pregnancy related issues. I'm already so sick and nauseous but I'm hoping that will die down when I get to 12-16 weeks. It must have been a worry for you but like you say there's little you could do. I know I wouldn't be everybody's favourite person when they find out iv joined their team already pregnant and will be going off but I can't not work just to not upset people I don't even know yet. That's good that pregnancy related things doesn't go down as sickness.

  • That's it they can't discriminate against in your favour. It's easier once a work place know you are pregnant but do what's best for you and your child.. I was nervous when I got pregnant i felt bad in a way like I'm.starting a brand new job a career path I've chosen and il be leaving within 7 months maximum but it's life it's how the world works... I only get maternity allowance not the occupational pay or the smp but it does help even a little .. try finding another job in your career field that you think you may enjoy and choose the full time.or part time which suit you and your needs... when you do get a job if you're not well don't make yourself go in it's not worth it put yourself first and your baby..xx

  • I hated the company I worked for and decided to apply elsewhere. I was 14 weeks pregnant on my interview. I chose not to mention my pregnancy as they may discriminate and not give me the job.

    Legally you don't have to mention pregnancy until week 20 but if you're not well or need time off for appointments then work would not be obliged to support you. Also they have to carry out a risk assessment once you tell them.

    I won't get maternity pay, but will get maternity allowance as I have always worked and I am a lot happier in my new job.

  • Good for you!! Thank you for commenting. Did you feel nervous when you told your new boss? I agree I won't be telling a potential employer as I know they could discriminate. That's right I think by 20 weeks I would've wanted to tell my boss (if I get another job) . I'm the same I won't get statutory mat pay either but would get maternity allowance

  • Yes I was a bit nervous but I suppose they have to be professional too plus they know they can't be mean! Work seemed to be fine with me being pregnant. I'm also only taking a couple of months off as I want to settle at work and full pay is better than MA!

  • I had started a new job and didn't know I was pregnant. I was 13 or 14 weeks while in training! I quit the job just because which is unlike me I never quit any job! I imagine my hormones wouldn't allow me to work! I wasn't sick at the time. After I quit,I slept and was in the bed continuously . I then became sick shortly with Morning sickness. This is my first pregnancy, yes I'm pregnant right now 23 weeks today. I do have some help financially but I'm accustomed to way more money than what I'm receiving right now. I received a temporary job offer 2 days ago for 4 day job. After I accepted it I was sick again Morning sickness have returned and it's any time of day or night I throw up! I had to withdraw the offer although I wanted extra cash!! I just can't work with this pregnancy. Good luck to you hugs and kisses! I'm thankful to be able to rest up! Also I'm high risk because I'm diabetic type 1 .

  • Hiya! When you say 13/14 weeks whilst training do you mean nurse training? I'm the exact same iv never quit any job before. But this is due to issues at work nor pregnancy related. That sounds like you had a rough ride,but congrats on your first pregnancy this is mine too and I'm quite shocked how sick I already am/feel. That's good u have some financial support , that's my concern that my husbands wage alone won't cover our mortgage and bills. And I'd feel terrible if that's my fault. So il need to get a job even if it's not in nursing which will be a shame as I have only just qualified. That's good u tried to get another job but sometimes if you can't work it's impossible. Thank you for your kind words.

  • I was 13 or 14 weeks pregnant. Not In nurse training however, I've done all my prerequisites for Registered Nursing already. I have to complete the nursing entrance test successfully, Before I enter the nursing program! I live in the USA 🇺🇸 I signed back up for college just a few weeks ago and I had to drop my classes because the day I was supposed to start I had low blood sugar☹️ So between being pregnant and diabetic the odds are against me right now unfortunately. However I'm still blessed my bills are paid! But I have a high end shopping habit so I've had to take a spend down for right now! Good luck stay focused sweetie 😍

  • I personally would not quit a job until i got another. You don't have to reject job offers just because you are sick. You are entitled to sick pay then still have a job when you are better :)

  • Well I had just started a job had only been there 2 weeks and quit! At the time I didn't know I was pregnant! Here in the USA you must work at least 90 days to 1 year for any sick pay/benefits start. Depending on where you work some benefits may start in 30 days! I do have some income that's the reason I can quit! I'm in a high risk pregnancy and with all the nausea if I did have benefits I'm sure they would have ran out! I'm truly to sick to work! My Morning sickness left for a short period! However it has returned again and I'm approaching my third trimester! I'm grateful I don't have to work right now and my bills are still paid! Thank heavens 💞💕💞

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