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Positive pregnancy test

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Just took a clear blue test and says and 1-2 pregnant but yesterday I had sharp pains in my belly and I’ve had a little blood! The pains did not last long at all and blood was very little has anyone had anything similar?

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More than likely implantation bleeding which is normal. You can always take another test to be sure and speak to your doctor if you’re really worried or the bleeding continues. Good luck! X

Yeah sound alike implantation bleeding your probably about 4 weeks pregnant depends on the date of your last period, my clear blue test said 1-2 weeks I was 6 weeks xD good luck

With our current pregnancy, I didn't know I was pregnant because I had a 2 and a half days of light bleeding which I thought was a small period beginning of July. I actually conceived end of June and had period pain too. It does sound like implantation bleeding which is normal :) xx

I’ve woke up this morning and its heavy! Waiting on call back from doctor to make an appointment x

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Hope everything is okay hun xx

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