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5wks pregnant and bleeding

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Hi, it's taken me a whopping 18yrs to finally conceive at age 36. I've had fertility treatment years ago but gave up after repeated failings. I have PCOS and have suddenly found out I'm pregnant (lmp 31/8/17). I started bleeding red blood suddenly early hours 6/10/17 and became utterly distraught and drove myself like a crazy lady to A+E. I'm convinced I'm going to lose my baby but the gynaecologist said my blood hcg was 7 (normal ish??????) and my cervix was closed. I'm still bleeding bright red but there's only a few very small clots (pinhead sized) and no specific pain or cramps just a heavy feeling like I'm going to start my period. Also there's prob only enough blood to fill one normal pad per 12hrs although obviously im changing more often than that for hygiene!! I'm back at EPAU tomorrow 8am to have another blood hcg to see if it's rising. I'm terrified and convinced it'll be bad news. There's not really anything I can do but rest right now and no one else can really do anything either but I felt a bit alone and just felt better to write something xx

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Hi I have just read your post just wanted to reply and say am thinking of you!

Hoelfully it’s it bad news and just low progesterone levels as that can cause cervical bleeding but still carry full term.



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Thank you, was so lovely to read your little message, brought a tear. I'll be sure to let everyone know either way xx

Aww thinking of you just relax and don't stress...

Sending you a massive hug ❤xx

Let us know how you get on x


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Thank you xxx

Oh bless you, the worrying is the worst bit. I will be thinking of you. I had bleeding up until week 14 of my pregnancy and they never knew what caused it. We had an early scan at 10 weeks. Please let us know how you get on, I hope everything works out ok for you xx

We have 2 angels babies through 2 separate miscarriages before becoming pregnant with our hopeful rainbow baby (I'm currently 14 and a half weeks pregnant).

Do you usually have small clots when on your period? The fact you haven't had any pain is a good sign! With both miscarriages I had awful period pain, worse than normal peiod pain and then I started to bleed.

With this pregnancy, I had a small period on the 2nd of July for around 3 days. After my dating scan, they worked out I conceived at the end of June. Some women do bleed all the way through their pregnancies. The fact you've had no pain and your cervix is closed is positive! Fingers crossed for you hun! Will be thinking of you xx

Hi hunnie. I'm also just short of 6 weeks. I also ended up being rushed to hospital on 6/10/17!! I started bleeding at work. Went to a&e and had a scan. And the baby is where it should be.

We got told it happens to 50/50 women between weeks 5 and 12. Got to have another scan in 2 weeks. I have spoken to alot of people and believe it or not it's quite common.

Please done worry. I know it's hard and worrying.

Hope all goes well and I'm sending hugs because I know how you feel xx

Trying my best to be positive, just had blood taken and they'll ring me in a few hours. Can I ask if you know what your hcg level was? As A&E doc said it was 7 and normal but hca who took my blood today literally recoiled and said "7?" and furiously checked my notes. She said it'd have to be 1400 for a scan??

Believe it or not the never told me my levels! They took my bloods and didn't say anything. Gave me a scan and said my baby is ok and it's where it should be?

Plus I was naughty and read my the notes on way home and it stated I got a cyst on my overy! They never told me. But they reasussured me that everything is normal and ok xx

Please let me know your ok x

As soon as I know I'll update xx

Hi so sorry you are going through this. I had bleeding all way from 7 to 12 weeks. Went to EPU many times and it was described as implantation bleeding... The worry it causes is awful and every time you go to the loo you are constantly checking. I know its hard but lots of women bleed and still go on to have healthy pregnancies. I am 18 weeks now and doing well. Sending you lots of luck and love xxx

goog luck hun 🤞 🍀❤

Hi ladies,

Thank you for all your kind words but the worst news is back. I've miscarried. 😥

OMG I am so very sorry I know words are not enough right now but am thinking of you xxx

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Major2116 in reply to AgentMyah

So sorry hun. Thinking of you xx

So sorry for your loss.

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Thank you xx

😨 I'm sorry x

So sorry to hear your loss Iv had 3 mc I am sending love and prayers xxxxx

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AgentMyah in reply to Faith23

Oh bless you xx it must be so hard to keep going through it xx

Aww Iam so sorry for your lost hun

Thinking about you hun sending you all my love & a hug ❤ xx

Ah really hope all turns out well. I've just given birth to a beautiful baby boy despite bleeding for the first 12 weeks and many trips to the EPAU.

Thinking of you

So sorry ... I'd only read the initial post and not scrolled down.... be strong ...

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Don't worry, I'll get there xx

My wife was the same. Around this stage it is very common to have an implantation bleed (When the egg impants on the uterin wall, it expells the tissue between itself and the wall). My wife was terrified as there was quite a lot of blood. Go and get your bloods taken and see if the hormones increase after 2 days. My wife is now 12 weeks along with a healthy little beat.

Hope everything works out but its always best not to worry (I know thats hard, but there is always hope and as i said before bleeding early in pregnancy is common and very normal)

Sorry for your loss. Keep your head up for the next time be sure to get plenty of rest when you become pregnant again, hugs and kisses ❤️

Oh I’ve just seen your update, I’m so sorry for your loss sending lots of love your way xx

Im do dearly sorry for your loss.

I had a heavy gush of blood at work 6/10/17 and I get scanned tomorrow I’m around 7 weeks pregnant.

I lost my first daughter when she was 26 days old 30/03/17.

Sending love and strength to you x

So sorry for your sad news, im almost 7 weeks and started having period like heavy pains earlier and just noticed blood when i wiped after going to the toilet. Hence why im searching for assurance on here. Its so nice to be able to discuss these things on here, the not knowing while you wait for the booking appointment is horrendous! Will be ringing epu tomoz. Fingers crossed x

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